Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Catch a Fly

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Catch a Fly

If you want to catch a basic fly for your museum, you'll need to know how to make them spawn.

Of all the many animals in Animal Crossing New Horizons, perhaps the most unappealing is the simple fly. Yet these ugly bugs are not easily found, and require a special trick to lure out. Here we'll show you how to catch a fly for all your own.

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How to Catch a Fly in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To catch a Fly in Animal Crossing, you'll need to keep in mind that they don't appear randomly, and only spawn when there's trash left out for them to land on, such as empty cans, boots you've fished up, spoiled turnips and old tires. Simply take any of these outside and leave it for a while, do some laps around the island, then come back to see if one's spawned. It'll either be settled on the trash or flying around it, but remember to approach carefully! Hold A to slowly creep up on it with your net ready, otherwise it'll fly away and disappear when you get close.

Old cans are a good way to lure out flies. The rest of this is just because I don't like Moose the Mouse. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Nintendo

How Much are Flies Worth?

Despite needing a special trick and a bit of luck to make them spawn, flies are barely worth anything, sold to the Nooks at only 60 bells each. For this reason we don't recommend leaving the trash out after you've caught one - it'll lower the island's rating until you pick it back up. Donate the one you have to Blathers and you'll be able to see a few of them in a glass container at the back of the Insect wing (haha) of the museum.

If you want more Animal Crossing content, we've got everything you'd need here at USgamer. Caty's review of the game can be found at the link here, or you can check out the game's greatest villain here.

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