Animal Crossing New Horizons Gulliver: How to Find 5 Communicator Parts

Animal Crossing New Horizons Gulliver: How to Find 5 Communicator Parts

Gulliver will wash ashore from time to time. Here's how to find his communicator parts and help him off your island.

Each day, you'll want to make sure you're walking the beaches of your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You may come across a castaway called Gulliver, who will need your help to get back to the boat they sailed in on. To do so you will need to help them reassemble their communicator. Here's where to find the Communicator Parts.

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Where to Find 5 Communicator Parts

To find 5 Communicator Parts in Animal Crossing New Horizons you'll need to get out your shovel and dig. They're pretty easy to find once you know where to dig. Just look for little holes that form in the sand, they'll shoot out little jets of water. This is where you'd usually find clams, though while Gulliver's on the beach, you'll find Communicator Parts. For a look at changing camera angle, head here.

When Will Gulliver Visit Your Island?

Gulliver will randomly wash up on the beach. We first encountered him on day 2, and saw him at least once a week from then on. There's no way to tell when he'll wash up on your island so just keep an eye out.

Gulliver will wash up from time to time | Jake Green/USG

How to Wake Gulliver Up

To wake Gulliver up, just keep talking to him. He'll take a while to come to, but if you speak to him five times he should wake up. Once he's up, you can get started in finding the Communicator Parts.

What Do You Get For Helping Gulliver?

If you manage to find all five Communicator Parts you'll help Gulliver get back to his ship. The next day, you'll get a letter from him along with a reward. This is often a furniture item. To learn how to customize items, visit this guide.

For more on Animal Crossing New Horizons check out Hirun's write up of some awesome Roald fanart. For our official review, head here.

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