Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Find Leif's Garden Shop and Get Shrubs

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Find Leif's Garden Shop and Get Shrubs

Leif the Sloth is a new visitor to New Horizon, and he's selling all manner of plants and flowers.

Finally making his way to Animal Crossing New Horizons, Leif the Sloth has his own shop of flowers and garden plants for you to beautify your island. Here we'll cover everything you need to know on how to find Leif's Garden Shop and get shrubs, a new plant to be added to the game.

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How to Find Leif's Garden Shop in Animal Crossing New Horizon

Leif opens a market stall in the main plaza, similar to where one might find Kicks the shoe-seller, just outside the entrance to the Town Hall. They won't be there everyday, instead visiting on some days, like Flick or CJ.

Leif sells flowers and the new bushes and shrubs. Hedge maze, anybody? | Nintendo

As of yet it's still unclear whether Leif will be a permanent, year-round fixture, or whether he'll be a temporary addition as a part of the Nature Day Event, similar to how Zipper the Bunny only shows up during Bunny Day. Either is possible, considering that Leif ran a similarly time-locked event in New Leaf before this, and there will be limited-time Nature Day Nook Miles Challenges based on the act of growing shrubs.

We've been busy plugging away on a bunch more Animal Crossing New Horizons guides. You can find close to 100 guides right here on USG, and if you head to our AC: New Horizons Walkthrough you'll see them all in one handy place. From guides on the different kinds of buildings, to detailed breakdowns of how to catch specific bugs and fish, we've got you covered.

Where to Get Shrubs and Bushes

Leif is selling all manner of plants, but the most noteworthy of these are new shrubs, small, flowery hedges that can be planted on your island as a decorative object. Leif is selling these for 280 bells each, and so far we've seen four variations:

There's at least four types of bush, and likely more. | Nintendo

Shrubs List

  1. Pink-Azalea
  2. White-Azalea
  3. Orange-Tea-Olive
  4. Yellow-Tea-Olive
  5. Pink-camellia
  6. Red-camellia
  7. Holly
  8. Blue-hydrangeas
  9. Pink-hydrangeas
  10. Orange-tea olives
  11. Yellow-tea olives

It's also worth mentioning that the bushes Leif sells are labelled as "starts", meaning players will have to plant them before they'll become full bushes, similar to regular flowers.

How Long Do Shrubs Take to Grow?

Once you've planted a shrub, you'll need to wait two days for it to grow. This is when it will become a bush.

Sell Weeds to Leif For Double the Bells

One great thing about Leif is that they will buy your weeds for 20 Bells a bunch. This is twice the amount being offered by the Nooks, so be sure to save them up for Leif.

Leif Not Showing Up?

If you logged into Animal Crossing New Horizons on April 23 and Leif wasn't there, don't worry. Leif will likely visit the next day, and will definitely visit eventually. They function much like Kicks or Label, in that they show up throughout the week, with no real schedule.

Animals are always crossing here at USgamer. Why not broaden your new horizons by checking out Caty's review of the game here, or see Mat's report on everything the new Animal Crossing update has to offer.

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