Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get All Gold Tools

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get All Gold Tools

You can get gold tools by completing certain achievements. Here's how to unlock them.

Everything you can do in Animal Crossing New Horizons is done on the back of your precious tools. But after a while, you should be ready to trade them in for something better - such as tools made of gold. In this guide, we'll explain how to get all gold tools and how they differ from the regular kind.

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How to Get All Gold Tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Gold tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons are unlocked by completing certain hidden achievements or goals with their regular versions. To put it simply, complete a special achievement that involves your shovel, and you'll get a DIY recipe code for the golden shovel sent to your Nook Phone. We'll cover all the respective tasks below, as well as the advantage of all-gold equipment. Be warned: the tasks required mean you're probably not going to get these any time soon.

Saving Gulliver from his continuous shipwrecks will start you on the path to a gold shovel. | Nintendo

How to Get the Golden Shovel

To get the golden shovel, help Gulliver, the seafaring seagull who washes up on your shore with worrying frequency and asks you to find the pieces for his handy-dandy communicator. You've probably done this before (and if not we've outlined how to here) without unlocking it. Well, there's a reason for that - you have to rescue Gulliver thirty times before unlocking the shovel. It's an insane amount, but assuming Gulliver shows up once a week, you should have it done by the end of the year (assuming you're not time travelling).

How to Get the Golden Fishing Rod

To get the golden fishing rod, you'll have to fill the entire Fish section of your Crittipedia, namely by catching every fish in the game. The fact that fish are locked to certain seasons and months means that this will basically take you a whole year if played normally. We told you these would take a while.

How to Get the Golden Net

To get the golden net, catch every available bug in the game and fill the other half of your Crittipedia. Again, this means you'll be bug hunting for the best part of a year, but hey - you didn't have much else on, did you?

Catching creepy crawlies - even the creepiest of crawlies - will earn you a gold net. | Nintendo

How to Get the Golden Slingshot

For those who want to augment their armament, the golden slingshot is one of the most straightforward to get hold of, though even then it's not exactly fast. To get the golden slingshot, use the regular slingshot to shoot down 300 balloon presents. Once that's done, at some point afterwards you'll see a gold balloon floating through the sky. Shoot that down too to get the recipe.

How to Get the Golden Watering Can

To get the golden watering can you'll need to get a five star island rating. Once you do that, Isabelle will send you the recipe for the golden watering can not long afterwards as a reward for your hard work.

How to Get the Golden Axe

To get the golden axe, simply break 100 axes against trees to get the DIY recipe. Not only is this more achievable than some of the above challenges, the game doesn't distinguish between regular, stone or flimsy axes, meaning you can farm for the recipe by smashing flimsy axes into trees until they break.

Make flimsy axes and shatter them as fast as possible to get a gold axe recipe. | Nintendo

How to Craft Gold Tools

Once you have the recipe, you can craft gold tools at any existing workbench. The recipes for all of these items are the same: the best version of the current tool you want upgraded (i.e., a regular fishing rod, not a flimsy one), plus a single gold nugget. If you're struggling to find one, we've got a guide on how to do so here.

Are Gold Tools Better?

Yes, they are! Aside from looking pretty snazzy, they also have a much longer lifespan and take longer to break when being used. However, they won't give you new abilities or actually allow you to do new things with them.

I've heard a rumour that if you read 1000 Animal Crossing pages on USgamer, you get a new gold layout. Not saying it's true, but somebody should check and see, right? Why not start with Caty's review of New Horizons here, or how Leif's new business has become very green indeed.

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