Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Bamboo Pieces and Young Spring Bamboo

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Bamboo Pieces and Young Spring Bamboo

We show you how to get bamboo pieces and young spring bamboo.

A more stylish alternative to simple trees, bamboo in Animal Crossing New Horizons can be used for decoration, for resources, and to craft new and unique items. In this guide we'll show you how to get bamboo pieces and young spring bamboo to craft new items.

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How to Get Bamboo Pieces in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Bamboo in New Horizons functions similarly to the various kinds of wood, obtained by hitting bamboo stalks with an axe and picking up the pieces that fall. You can also plant your own bamboo stalks by obtaining Bamboo Shoots, small brown pods that you can plant in holes you've dug. Three days later you'll get bamboo stalks in that spot, assuming you don't dig them back up and they have space to grow.

Bamboo can found growning plentifully on some of the random islands you can visit. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Nintendo

Where to Find Bamboo Pieces

Bamboo doesn't occur as a naturally-growing item on any of the game's starting islands. Instead, you'll have to go out and find it by visiting mystery islands, some of which will have bamboo growing on them. There are three main ways to get the most out of a bamboo island:

  1. Hit the stalks with any axe to harvest bamboo pieces until they don't provide further pieces.
  2. Eat fruit and use a shovel to dig up whole stalks.
  3. Dig up the marked spots around the base of the grown bamboo to get bamboo shoots.

Doing so and filling your inventory will give you both the resources to build the various bamboo-based recipes, as well as planting your own stalks at home, whether it's to add a certain flair to your island or just keep farming from them.

Bamboo and Young Spring Bamboo can have many uses for recipes. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Nintendo

How to Get Young Spring Bamboo

Notably, Animal Crossing differentiates between regular bamboo pieces and young spring bamboo, both of which have different uses in different recipes. You can get young spring bamboo the same way, by hitting a stalk with your axe, but it must be within springtime months (March-May in the Northern Hemisphere and September-November in the Southern Hemisphere). If this is the case, there'll be a decent chance that it drops young spring bamboo each time you hit it, which looks the same but for a lighter green colouration. If you're in the Spring currently, we recommend harvesting as much of this as possible to carry you through the rest of the year.

How to Get Bamboo DIY Recipes

You can get DIY recipes that use bamboo the same way you get any other recipes, by picking up bottles on the beach, shooting down balloons or talking with villagers. There are at least a dozen recipes involving bamboo that are currently know, including special walls, floors, and a lamp that looks like a Bamboo Shoot.

Hopefully that cleared matters up, because the only thing that should BAMBOO-zle you (sob) is the amount of Animal Crossing content we've got here at USG. You can find Caty's very special review of New Horizons here, or follow this link to see how the game gave us nostalgia for the era of the flip phone.

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