Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Gold Nuggets

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets are an extremely lucrative resource to seek out in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here's where to get Gold Nuggets.

Gold Nuggets are a rare resource found in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You won't come across them very often, if at all, though if you know where to look you'll have a much better chance. To help you collect as many Gold Nuggets as possible we've put together this guide. We'll cover where to get Gold Nuggets, the best way to farm them, and how much you'll get for selling a Gold Nugget.

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How to Get Gold Nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To get Gold Nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you'll need to strike rocks with a Stone Axe. As well as clay, iron and stone, there's a small chance that Gold Nuggets will be chipped off from a large rock. You can find these rocks throughout your island, or on other islands in the game. If you use a better tool, like the regular axe, you will have a better chance at getting gold nuggets. Keep this in mind.

Best Way to Farm Gold Nuggets

We've poured many hours into Animal Crossing New Horizons at this point, but have only come across around ten Gold Nuggets. To maximize your efforts, make sure you leave rocks unbroken on your island, and chip away at them with a Stone Axe instead. Still, there are only so many rocks on your island each day, so to farm Gold Nuggets make sure you use Nook Miles Tickets (more on those here) to visit other islands. As long as you have the cash to do so, you can visit as many islands as you want, and will therefore have more chances to get Gold Nuggets. Use higher quality tools to improve your chances.

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How Much Can You Sell Gold Nuggets For?

If you sell Gold Nuggets at Nook's Cranny, you will get a whopping 10,000 Bells a piece. This makes Gold Nuggets one of the most lucrative items in Animal Crossing New Horizons, so make sure you keep an eye out for rocks to break.

What Can You Do With Gold Nuggets?

Gold Nuggets don't have a lot of uses in the game. You can sell them or use them in a very small handful of crafting recipes. You can also craft Gold Tools with them, you can read more about those here.

If you're looking for more Animal Crossing goodness, be sure to read all about the expanded clothing options available in the Able Sisters' shop. Once you're done with that, head over to our review of New Horizons.

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