Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Spot Counterfeit Art

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Spot Counterfeit Art

Redd will attempt to sell you counterfeit art in Animal Crossing. Here's how to tell if his art is fake.

With the addition of Redd and his trawler full of art to Animal Crossing New Horizons, a brand new wing of the museum has opened up. It'll display the art you buy from Redd, though be careful, as some of it can be fake. This counterfeit art cannot be given to Blathers, and is therefore a pretty annoying way to waste your hard-earned Bells. In this guide we'll teach you how to tell if art is counterfeit, so that you can start to build out your new gallery.

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How to Spot Counterfeit Art in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To tell if art is fake in Animal Crossing New Horizons you'll need to look up an image of the art you're buying. Yes, that means going online and finding an image to compare to the one in-game. A good tip is to use a reverse Google image search to identify the painting. You'll need to look for differences and inconsistencies, but usually they're pretty easy to spot. Once we've started buying more art in the game, we'll be sure to add examples of the fake and real versions of each piece.

Can You Donate Fake Art to Blathers?

The main thing to keep in mind when purchasing art from Redd is that you will not be able to donate fake/counterfeit art to Blathers. He will not accept it, and will not display it in the museum. For more on unlocking this area of the museum, head here.

Can You Sell Counterfeit Art?

If you've bought counterfeit art from Redd you will need to throw it away, or display it somewhere. You cannot sell fake art anywhere on the island, as Timmy and Tommy will not give you any Bells for counterfeits. For a guide to making Bells fast, head here.

Make sure to check over all art very carefully before buying | Jake Green/USG

Full Art List: All Real and Counterfeit Artwork and Paintings

Most of the art pieces in Animal Crossing New Horizons have a counterfeit version. You'll need to be able to spot the real ones as they are the only ones that can be donated to the gallery. Here's what we've found so far, we'll be updating this page daily.

Glowing Painting - The Fighting 'Temeraire'

Here's the real version of the Glowing Painting | Jake Green/USG

The Glowing Painting seen in the image above is a painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner. This is how the painting should look.

Graceful Painting - Beauty Looking Back

This is the fake version, as there is no white tag at the bottom of her hair | Jake Green/USG

This painting by Hishikawa Moronobu depicts a lady looking back over her shoulder. The image shown above is the fake version, as there is not a white tag near the bottom of her hair.

Informative Statue - Rosetta Stone

If the tablet is blue, it's a fake | Jake Green/USG

This one is easy to spot. If the stone tablet is blue, it is a fake, so steer clear.

Wild Painting Right Half - Folding Screen of Fujin and Raijin

The right half of this piece of art by Tawaraya Sotatsu is pretty easy for spotting fakes. The version shown above is the fake version, as it has white skin. If the skin is dark green then it's real.

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