Animal Crossing New Horizons: International Museum Day and Stamp Rally Rewards

Animal Crossing New Horizons: International Museum Day and Stamp Rally Rewards

We tell you everything we know about the International Museum Day Event and the Stamp Rally.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is adding a lot in the next few months, including a limited-time International Museum Day event and stamp rally in which players can collect stamps in their museum for rewards. We'll take you through everything we know about International Museum Day, and what you can expect from it.

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What Is the International Museum Day Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The International Museum Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons allows players to explore Blathers' Museum and collect stamps for a stamp rally, earning rewards for collecting them all. We'll cover all the details below, starting with the dates.

When Is International Museum Day?

International Museum Day will last from 18 May to 31 May in Animal Crossing New Horizons, two weeks in total. Players will likely have all the time within that bracket to participate, as Blathers' Museum, unlike some other buildings, does not close at certain times within the day.

What Is the Stamp Rally?

Players can explore their own museums, going to newly-added tables in each room that give them stamps for a scorecard. Each exhibit has its own stamp to collect. Here are the stamps you'll need to collect:

  • Hiding Bugs
  • Shady Path
  • Giant Tree
  • Icy Sea
  • Big River
  • The Pond
  • Cenozoic
  • Synapsids
  • Extinction Spot
The Stamp Rally challenges your knowledge of your own museum. | Nintendo

How Many Stamps Are There?

There are three stamps to collect for each of the individual sections of the museum: Bugs, Fish and Fossils. This makes nine in total. You'll also get a completion stamp for each section when you've found them all.

Rewards For Completing the Stamp Rally

For completing the stamp rally, you will receive three in-game rewards. There's one for each section:

  • Bug Plaque
  • Fish Plaque
  • Fossil Plaque
Here's a look at the rewards | Jake Green/USG

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