Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Through the May Day Maze

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Through the May Day Maze

There's an event being added to Animal Crossing New Horizons as part of May Day. Here's what you need to know.

Nintendo is really going ham on post-launch events for Animal Crossing New Horizons. There's even a May Day event, focusing on travelling to new islands to check out new arrangements and earn new prizes. In this guide we'll explain everything you need to know about May Day, and when it will start and end.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons May Day End Date

May Day will start on May 1, and will run through until May 7. It will not return until the following year so make sure you make the most of it.

What Is Being Added For May Day?

As part of May Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons Tom Nook is offering a trip to a new mystery island. This one has a maze on it, which you'll need to make it through in order to grab the rewards.

Head to Dodo Airlines with your May Day Ticket | Jake Green/USG

May Day Islands

May Day islands are special versions of deserted islands (more on those here) that are added as part of May Day. They feature hedge mazes with rewards hidden inside them. Fan-favorite Rover will also be hanging out on these islands.

May Day Island | Jake Green/USG

May Day Rewards

You will get the following rewards for completing the May Day maze:

  1. Rover's Briefcase (image in header)
  2. 8x Bells Vouchers

Depending on how you do in the maze, you'll earn either 4 or 8 Bells Vouchers. We'll give more info on navigating the hedge maze below.

Rover will give you a rather fetching briefcase | Jake Green/USG

How to Get Through the May Day Maze

Getting through the May Day maze is pretty straitforward. You can hop over the gaps in the ground to get to new areas. You'll be given a shovel at the start of the maze, you can use this to dig out trees (after having eaten fruit), bushes and stumps. You'll want to jump over the holes to get to the areas with fruit in them. This will allow you to move trees. After a while of doing this, you'll be able to reach the two recipes and a crafting bench which will let you craft an axe. Remember that you can break rocks using a shovel and a piece of fruit, and you'll be able to reach the end with ease. Just remember to collect all crafting resources you find so that you can craft an axe. Here's some extra things to consider:

  • Look carefully at the maze before starting, this will allow you to see which areas are vital to reach, and which ones can be skipped.
  • Use your shovel sparingly, you don't want it breaking.
  • You can sit, turn and hop off of stumps to get past them, no need to dig.
  • You can hop over two holes in the ground if they are next to eachother.
You'll be rewarded with Bells Vouchers for your troubles | Jake Green

Can You Do the May Day Maze More Than Once?

You can only visit the May Day Maze island once, as there is only one May Day ticket available. Tom Nook gives this to you, and does not indicate that any more are for sale. If we manage to find a way to replay the May Day event we'll update this page.

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