Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nature Day Explained

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nature Day Explained

Based on the real world's Earth Day, Nature Day is all about the environment, not to mention getting some good rewards.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is going green as the new Nature Day event begins, offering new challenges and rewards for the environmentally-conscious player. Check below to see everything you need to know about the Nature Day event explained.

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What Is the Nature Day Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Nature Day is a limited-time event in Animal Crossing New Horizons in which players will be able to perform additional challenges and get new awards. It also heralds the reappearance of Leif's Garden Shop, though it seems he's going to stick around even after Nature Day is over.

Nature Day offers the chance for players to earn lots of Nook+ Miles. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Nintendo

The main challenges for players are new Nook+ Miles activities, all of which are green-themed, incorporating plant life and nature in some essential way.

When is the Nature Day Event?

Nature Day officially starts on 23 April and extends for some time until 4 May, giving players nearly a whole fortnight to make the most of its new challenges, meet Leif in his preferred setting, and collect the new rewards. Speaking of which...

Nature Day Rewards

For completing the new Nook+ Miles challenges, players get five times as many Nook Miles as they normally would, meaning you can acquire new Miles extraordinarily quickly over the course of Nature Day. Not only that, but there's also a way to unlock hedges, which we've explained here.

How to Play and Unlock the Nature Day Event

Nature Day is playable to anyone who has New Horizons, though you'll need to have an online connection in order to download the most recent free update.

If you're done collecting shells and bagging bugs for the day, why not enjoy some of our Animal Crossing pieces? Caty's review of New Horizons is waiting for you here, or see how a very familiar kingdom is rising within the game here.

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