Animal Crossing New Horizons New Fish and Bugs August 2020: What's Leaving and What's Being Added

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Fish and Bugs August 2020: What's Leaving and What's Being Added

Here are all the new fish and bugs that have been added for August. This guide includes additions for both southern and northern hemispheres.

All new fish and bugs have been added to Animal Crossing New Horizons for August 2020. These will be different for Northern and Southern Hemispheres, so to help you get them all we've put together this guide. It lists all of the new fish and bugs that have been added for August 2020, broken up into each hemisphere. We've included info on where and when to catch each critter, as well as their availability.

Fish Added to Animal Crossing New Horizons in August (Northern Hemisphere)

A bunch of new fish have been added to Animal Crossing New Horizons for August 2020. You can find info on each one below. Note that this table refers to the northern hemisphere.

Soft-Shelled turtleRiver37504pm - 9am
Moray EelOcean2000All Day
FlatwormOcean Floor7004pm - 9am

Bugs Added in August 2020 (Northern Hemisphere)

Even more bugs have been added to the game for August. Here's what's new in the northern hemisphere:

Migratory LocistGround6008am - 7pm
Rice GrasshopperGround4008am - 7pm
Walker CicadaTrees4008am - 5pm
Summer is a beautiful time | Jake Green/USG

Fish Added in August 2020(Southern Hemisphere)

There are no new fish to catch in August for the Southern Hemisphere:

You'll need a fishing rod to catch fish. Head here for info on how to get one.

Summer means new bugs and fish | Nintendo

Bugs Added in August 2020 (Southern Hemisphere)

A few bugs have been added for August in the southern hemisphere. We'll update this page if anything new is discovered.

Tiger Beetle Ground1500All day

For more info on catching things with your net, head here.

Bugs and Fish Leaving Animal Crossing New Horizons in August 2020

There are a couple of bugs and fish leaving Animal Crossing New Horizons at the end of August 2020. We've listed them below, and will go into more detail further in the article. We'll split them into bugs and fish, and by hemisphere.

  • Frog (North)
  • Giant Snakehead
  • Killifish
  • Napoleonfish
  • Squid
  • Sea Pineapple
  • Vampire Squid
  • Blue Weevil Beetle
  • Brown Cicada
  • Cicada Shell
  • Common Bluebottle
  • Cyclommatus Stag
  • Drone Beetle
  • Evening Cicada
  • Giant Cicada
  • Giant Stag
  • Giraffe Stag
  • Golden Stag
  • Great Purple Emperor
  • Horned Atlas
  • Horned Dynastid
  • Horned Elephant
  • Horned Hercules
  • Jewel Beetle
  • Miyama Stag
  • Robust Cicada
  • Saw Stag
  • Scarab Beetle
  • Pond Smelt (South)
  • Blowfish
  • Rajah Brooke's Birdwing
  • Damselfly
  • Dung Beetle

Fish Leaving the Northern Hemisphere in August

Giant SnakeheadPond5500Jun-Aug
Sea PineappleDeep Sea1500May-Aug
Vampire SquidDeep Sea10000Apr-Aug

Bugs Leaving the Northern Hemishere in August 2020

Blue Weevil Beetletree Stumps800Jul-Aug
Brown CicadaTrees250Jul-Aug
Cicada ShellTrees10Jul-Aug
Common BluebottleFlying300Apr-Aug
Cyclommatus StagCoconut Trees8000Jul-Aug
Drone BeetleTrees200Jun-Aug
Evening CicadaTrees550Jul-Aug
Giant CicadaTrees500Jul-Aug
Giant StagTrees10000Jul-Aug
Giraffe StagTrees12000Jul-Aug
Golden StagCoconut Trees12000Jul-Aug
Great Purple EmperorFlying3000May-Aug
Horned AtlasCoconut Trees8000Jul-Aug
Horned DynastidTrees1350Jul-Aug
Horned ElephantCoconut Trees8000Jul-Aug
Horned HerculesCoconut Trees12000Jul-Aug
Jewel BeetleTree Stumps2400Apr-Aug
Miyama StagTrees1000Jul-Aug
Robust CicadaTrees300Jul-Aug
Saw StagTrees2000Jul-Aug
Scarab BeetleTrees10000Jul-Aug

Fish Leaving the Southern Hemisphere in August

Pond SmeltRiversN/AJun-Aug

Bugs Leaving the Southern Hemisphere in August

Rajah Brooke's BirdwingFlyingN/AOct-Aug
Dung BeetleGroundN/AJun- Aug

If you're catching these fish to make yourself some Bells, be sure to visit our Bells Making Guide which outlines some other good ways to make money.

The new fish you catch will be added to the aquarium section of your museum | Jake Green/USG

That's all you need to know about the bugs and fish for this month. For more on Animal Crossing New Horizons be sure to check out Caty's review. Elsewhere, there's Hirun's writeup of how cloud saving works.

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