Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles

Here’s everything you need to know about Nook Miles.

Animal Crossing New Horizons looks set to offer a fresh take on the tried-and-tested formula that fans all over the world know and love. You’ll be living on a desert island this time around, and it’s your job to make it a nicer place to live. You’ll do this by working with Nook Inc., as you craft tools which help you build more and more elaborate amenities for your fellow islanders. There’s even an incentive scheme to keep track of. Nook Inc. will dole out Nook Miles for completing a wide range of activities. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

What Are Nook Miles?

Nook Miles basically function like airline miles. You’ll accrue Nook Miles for completing a number of activities, such as gardening, crafting, meeting friends and more. You can check your Nook Miles progress by heading to the Nook Miles section of your NookPhone.

Nook Miles List

Given that Animal Crossing New Horizons has yet to come out, we’ve only seen a few types of Nook Miles featured in pre-release coverage. We’ve listed the ones we know about so far below.

  • First-Time Seller (300 Nook Miles) - Selling things you don’t need is a great way to keep down the clutter and earn a few extra Bells. And in this case, a few extra miles!
  • DIY Tools - If your tools break, just make more! And to take away the sting, you’ll earn Nook Miles based on the number of tools you craft. Sweet deal! You’ll need 5 stamps to complete.
  • Weed Eater - Nook Inc. salutes you for beautification efforts. Nook Inc. rewards you with Nook Miles for pulling weeds. Nook Inc.! You’ll need to pull 50 weeds to complete.
  • Cast Master - Cast your line carefully if you want to reel in this reward—you’ll need to nab a bunch of fish in a row without a single one getting away to earn these miles.
  • Have a Nice DIY - Nook Inc. will award Nook Miles for the number of DIY recipes you’ve collected. Think about that. You’re earning...for learning! Yes, yes!
  • Social Islander - One of the goals of Nook Inc. is islander togetherness. Our gregarious-greetings initiative aims to reward you with Nook Miles based on the number of times you greet all residents in a single day.
  • NookPhone Life - Gotten used to using your NookPhone? Keep using it for various island needs and enjoy some Nook Miles just for getting familiar with it.
  • Exterior Decorator - Information pending.
  • Treehouse Miles - Information pending.
  • Ninten Miles - Information pending
  • Angling for Perfection! - Information pending
  • You’ve Got the Bug - Information pending
  • Pick of the Bunch - Information pending
  • First-Time Buyer - Information pending
Nook Miles are found in your NookPhone | Nintendo

How to Complete Nook Miles

You’ll complete Nook challenges passively while playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you head to the Nook Miles section of your Nook Phone you’ll see what challenges are available, and what you’ll need to do to complete them. Some of them will require stamps to complete. For example, the DIY Tools Nook Miles challenge requires you to craft five tools, awarding a stamp for each one. Once you have five stamps you’ll get your Nook Miles.

An example of a task that rewards Nook Miles | Nintendo

How Many Nook Miles Can You Earn For Completing Each Challenge

The amount of Nook Miles you’ll be awarded for completing each challenge will vary. Generally, you’ll receive 300 Nook Miles a piece, with higher rewards reserved for harder and more time-consuming challenges.

What Are Nook Miles Used For?

At the time of writing, we don’t know exactly what you can use Nook Miles for, at least not everything you can spend them on. Nook Miles appear to be New Horizons’ take on Meow Tickets (used in New Leaf), so will likely function in a similar manner. For those who don’t remember, Meow Tickets could be spent at a specific vending machine to buy new campsite items. You can spend Nook Miles in a similar way, and so far we’ve seen that you can buy items and recipes with them.

Some more challenges you'll need to complete | Nintendo

Where Do You Spend Nook Miles?

In the pre-release material shown so far, there has yet to be a direct confirmation of where you can spend your Nook Miles. If you look at the layout of Tom Nook’s tent however, you can see a new type of machine in the corner. We think this is where you’ll spend your Nook Miles, though we’ll be sure to add more info once we hear more on the subject. Check out a screenshot of the possible Nook Miles machine below:

We reckon this is where you'll spend Nook Miles | Nintendo

That’s all we have on Nook Miles so far. As more info is released, and once we get our hands on Animal Crossing New Horizons we’ll be sure to add more info to this guide. In the meantime why not check out our look at how local co-op works in the game?

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