Animal Crossing: New Horizons's Swimming Update Accidentally Allows for Ocean Heists

Animal Crossing: New Horizons's Swimming Update Accidentally Allows for Ocean Heists

Griefers can now strike by land and by sea.

Visiting another player's island to exchange goods is an important part of Animal Crossing, and that's no different in New Horizons. Players have even come up with elaborate methods for gating and securing their islands from potential troublemakers, but the summer update has suddenly opened an oceanic hole in their makeshift security.

Players who engage in turnip trading or other exchanges with online strangers will use fences and other tools to gate their communities. This is often to keep players who might want to steal items, tips, or cause damage to floral property from getting into the island. But the summer update added the ability to swim in the ocean that surrounds each player's island, creating a new infiltration point for potential trolls.

As a user pointed out on ResetEra, while you can fence up the area around your pier, strangers can still leap into the ocean and swim around the island from the pier itself. Rather than one isolated entryway, players have many new ways of invading.

An easy solution might be to just not invite strangers to one's island. But for those trying to make the big Bells on the Stalk Market or get rid of a certain villager, strangers on third-party applications like Discord are their primary source for transactions.

As an outside observer, I'm fascinated by this escalation. The way players could previously gate entry onto their island was already interesting, but now, those free-marketeers will have to deal with plenty of new methods of infiltration. Who knew an Animal Crossing game could lead to an escalating battle of maritime thievery? Still, I do feel for all the new ways this can be abused. It'll be interesting to see if Nintendo changes this new method for griefing.

If you're playing the new update, be sure to check out our updated guides section to keep up with all the new collectibles.

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