Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip Trackers Are Getting Pretty Sophisticated

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip Trackers Are Getting Pretty Sophisticated

The stalk market has always been serious business, and now it's very easy to make a profit.

No matter your playstyle, there comes a point in Animal Crossing games where earning Bells doesn't matter as much. Maybe it's once you've paid off all your home loans, or maybe it comes months later after you've finally gotten your town exactly how you want it. Either way, selling turnips is a great way to clear the last hurdles between you and your debt-free island life in New Horizons, and thanks to a few fan made websites, it's easier than ever.

Animal Crossing's stalk market, where players buy turnips on Sunday and hope to cash in on a high sale price at Nook's Cranny over the following week, can be especially intimidating for newcomers and players without many friends playing online. If you're going it alone, you can only purchase turnips at whatever price Daisy May is selling them for on Sunday—then, you have 12 windows to check in with Timmy and Tommy in the hopes that they'll buy turnips at a price much higher than what you paid.

For a long time, Animal Crossing players have known that the price fluctuations aren't totally random: there are patterns governing when price spikes and slow declines in price happen, meaning you can build a calculator. That's exactly what Christian Ceciliano ended up doing.

Ceciliano's ACNH: Turnip Calculator functions similarly to other tools and spreadsheets people have whipped up for the stalk market in the past, but it's by far the most easy-to-use calculator yet. Here's what you should be keeping track of on your own island: the price Daisy Mae sells turnips for on Sunday, and both daily prices offered at Nook's Cranny before and after noon during the following week.

Sophisticated and slick. | ACNH: Turnip Calculator

Personally, I've been logging my prices in a Discord with friends using a neat spreadsheet by Twitter user @KishiFishy, which is still helpful for coordinating groups, but solo players can just plug all that data directly into the ACNH: Turnip Calculator.

It doesn't matter if you bought turnips on someone else's island: knowing your own buy price from Daisy Mae is what matters here. Input your data and the calculator will chart the logged prices on your island while generating upper and lower bounds for that week. The more you plug in, the more accurate these bounds become. If the calculator can tell you're due for a price spike later in the week, it'll show a higher maximum bound—if so, hold out!

If it looks like your prices will stay low, you could use Turnip.Exchange, another new site created for New Horizons. There, people with high turnip prices invite guests with Dodo codes to come sell on their islands. The waits to get in can be long, though, and hosts often ask for a tip like a Nook Miles ticket or a piece of furniture for the trouble of keeping their islands open.

The ACNH: Turnip Calculator alone is a huge help for playing the stalk market to win, but the best thing to have on your side is always going to be friends who are also playing Animal Crossing on their own islands, increasing the chances that one of you will hit a lucky price spike. Given that New Horizons has already sold more copies than every other installment in the series combined, it hopefully won't be too hard to find friends who own it. If they're not playing the stalk market yet, just show them the calculator and they'll probably see the light. Then, it's a win-win for both parties.

Header image courtesy of Senior Editor Caty McCarthy, who wrote a guide on creative ways to store your turnips while waiting to hit it big.

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