Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Now Available to Download Worldwide

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Now Available to Download Worldwide

After being available exclusively in Australia for a while, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available to download for smartphones worldwide.

Slightly ahead of schedule, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available to download worldwide for all smartphone users, after originally only being available for players in Australia for a while.

Despite being scheduled for launch on November 22, as you can see in the announcement tweet just below, some users around the globe can now download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. As of right now, you can download Pocket Camp on Android here, although you'll need to follow this link to the Japanese iOS store on your phone, and be redirected to your region store in order to download Pocket Camp.

We'll keep this story updated, to eventually replace the Japanese iOS store link with the US one, whenever Nintendo officially released the relevant link to the US iOS store.

Check out the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Nintendo Direct from slightly earlier this year, or alternatively, head over to our Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp beginner's guide, for help getting started in the game.

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