Animal Crossing's Isabelle Comes To Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There is no end to the growth of Smash's roster.

News by Mike Williams, .

If you thought Ridley or Simon Belmont coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate was the end, think again. Today during the Direct, Nintendo revealed another new challenger coming to its fan-friendly fighter. Animal Crossing mainstay Isabelle is joining the fight. Underneath that kind exterior is a heart that beats for beatings.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Nintendo will probably be announcing new fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate into 2020 at this rate. And yet, we still lack Waluigi as a playable character.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018. For everything we know about Nintendo's upcoming Animal Crossing game for Switch, head over to our Animal Crossing Switch guide.

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  • Avatar for moochan #1 moochan 2 months ago
    I guess the good news about Smash Ultimate is people seem a bit more cheerful over this than with Brawl and 5 (seriously why couldn't they just give it a title). Sakurai does so much work while having to deal with fans. Anyways as for Isabelle I would have love to have seen people's reactions to this if they didn't announce a Animal Crossing game right after it. The rage people would have would have been amazing.
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