It Looks Like Anthem Avoided an Early Microtransaction Controversy

Reports of Anthem's microtransactions were greatly exaggerated.

Although BioWare and EA were quick to announce that Anthem’s microtransactions would be cosmetic-only, the online Anthem community got into a bit of a frenzy when it was believed skins for Javelins could cost as much as $20. The in-game shop for Anthem is now live and prices for skins are much less than originally feared.

Like many online, live-service games, Anthem includes microtransactions. Purchases are restricted exclusively to cosmetic items which can be purchased either with in-game currency called Coin, or premium currency called Shards.

Anthem’s in-game shop sells cosmetics which include armor packs, materials, and emotes. Armor packs contain three separate items including a matching arm, chest, and leg piece to give your Javelin a new look. Materials change the texture of your Javelin’s surface, and the requisite emotes let you dance and show off your moves.

After a disastrous microtransaction run with Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA and BioWare were eager to tell players that microtransactions in Anthem were cosmetic-only. That looks to be the case as Anthem’s in-game shop only sells either armor packs, texture packs, and emotes. An armor pack costs 61,000 Coin, or 850 Shards, which is about $8 USD. Materials and emotes are much cheaper at 300 Shards and 400 Shards respectively. Or 12,000 and 18,000 in-game Coin respectively.

Players are reacting to BioWare’s pricing rather well all things considered. The Anthem community stirred when it was initially believed that DLC skins could cost $20. But once it was revealed that skins are a little less than $10, players seem to be taking the microtransactions much better. Or at the very least tolerating them.


While the items available in Anthem’s in-game shop can all be purchased with money earned by playing the campaign, it’s naturally going to be faster to put down some real-world cash and exchange them for Shards. Here’s how the prices breakdown.

  • 500 Shards: $4.99
  • 1050 Shards: $9.99
  • 2200 Shards: $19.99
  • 4600 Shards: $39.99

Anthem is live now for Origin Access Premier members. A 10-hour version of Anthem is also playable for Origin Basic members, but for everyone else Anthem won’t be out until February 22. Check out our Anthem guide for our full coverage.

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