Anthem Has a Health Bar Bug That is Leaving Players Vulnerable to Being Killed in One Shot

Dude, where's my health?

If you've been finding that you're getting one-shot killed in Anthem, maybe check your health bar for irregularities. According to players, there's a bug in Anthem that keeps lowering the Javelin's health bar down to two, three, or four bars despite the player being in full health. This has caused players to report instant deaths during missions.

The problem was highlighted by one Reddit user who posted a thread titled: "Bioware, can you PLEASE address the health bug. The game is unplayable in GM1 and above for Ranger, Storm and Interceptor." A similar problem was brought up in the official Anthem forums.

An EA community manager acknowledged the bug on the Anthem forums writing, "Hey folks, we're aware of the issue, unfortunately no details at this point." There was no mention of when players might see a potential fix for the issue.

On the same Reddit thread, players debated whether the health bar was just a visual glitch, but it seems like many players are reporting that the bug affects their game. "It's for sure not just a visual thing," responded one commenter. "Yesterday I was easily stomping through hard mode content and today I am barely able to stay alive. Just did a mission on hard and there were legit one-shot moments in the play session."

Anthem delivered its day one patch yesterday before today's official launch day. But the patch may have introduced new bugs, as mentioned in our Anthem review. Meanwhile, BioWare is moving ahead with its games-as-service by releasing its 90-day roadmap. This includes quality-of-life fixes and improvements alongside new cosmetics and missions.

Hopefully players will see a fix to the health issue soon as it seems to be a major problem for anyone looking to not die after a couple shots. For more on our Anthem coverage check out our Anthem guide for walkthroughs, tips, and videos.

Check out our Anthem guide for more details on the all the Javelins, with tip for those just starting out.. Also check out our Everything We Know guide for info on the Early Access and full launches. For a look at all of the Anthem Chest Locations we've found so far, head over to our Anthem Chest Locations Guide.

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