Anthem Color Choices Are "Just the Tip of the Iceberg" in Terms of Customization

You'll be able to make your Javelin look like more than just the four starting models.

When BioWare showed off Anthem at the EA Play press conference today, one of the focus points was on visual customization. The stage demo showed the Ranger class in a host of various colors, with some paint jobs seemingly referencing Dragon Age and Neon Genesis Evangelion. New colors for your Javelin exoskeleton is only the beginning of visual customization though.

"That was actually the tip of the iceberg," explains Anthem Lead Producer Mike Gamble when asked about the customization shown in the stage demo. "You have your four exos and there's a level of customization to each of them. You can obviously customize decals and paints. You also can customize the silhouettes of each of the armor pieces. And you'll be able to mix and match those armor pieces as well."

Lookin' fly. [Source: BioWare]

The behind-the-scenes demo for Anthem actually shows two different styles of the Colossus, which is the heavier Javelin exoskeleton. Silhouettes should still read "Colossus" to players, but you'll have a lot of variety within each class.

BioWare is still working on the specifics of unlocking new armor pieces, colors, and decals. Gamble did confirm that there will be a number of different ways to upgrade the look of your Javelin.

"We're not talking specifically about the mechanics of unlocking, but there's going to be a way to get customization through various sweat currency," says Gamble. "There's a way to get customizations through normal purchases, where you see what you're getting. There will be a number of ways to get customizations."

I'm looking forward to putting the classic Gundam RX-78 paint job on my Javelin when Anthem releases on February 22, 2019. The title is planned for release of PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For more on Anthem, check out our everything we know guide.

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