Anthem Demo for PlayStation 4 is Just an Edited Version of the Xbox One X Demo

The video has since been taken down.

The official PlayStation YouTube channel posted a gameplay video for Anthem for the PlayStation 4. The only problem is that the footage is the exact same one shown off at the Microsoft press conference for the Xbox One X, only with photoshopped PlayStation buttons.

Internet sleuths found instances where the footage was edited to show PlayStation 4 controls like L1 and R1 layered on top of the original Xbox One X LB and RB button prompts. These frames can be seen in slow-motion where the edited button prompt overlay shows both the PS4 and Xbox One controls.

You can see it in the trailer above (Sony has since removed the video) during scenes where the control prompts pop-up, or here's a screengrab (courtesy of Eurogamer) of where it happens.

Anthem button edit

Here's the low-down. It's not completely surprising that Sony would show off a reskinned demo video to publish on the company's YouTube channel. Considering a lot of games still in-development are demoed on PCs and reskinned to look like a specific console is not uncommon in the industry.

However, as users point out, the Anthem demo was originally for the Xbox One X, which makes direct comparisons to how the game could run on a PlayStation 4 Pro (or PlayStation 4 as the video advertises) difficult to source. Basically the whole video is very misleading, and that's a problem.

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