Anthem Demo Now Available to Pre-Load on All Platforms

Get in early and avoid the 44GB PC download later.

The Anthem demo is now available to pre-load on all platforms regardless of whether you're participating in the VIP demo this Friday. At 44GB on PC, it'd be a good investment of your time to get the demo loaded up early.

The Anthem VIP demo is scheduled to start this Friday, January 25 and will go until January 27. The VIP demo is available for anybody who pre-ordered Anthem on any platform. EA Access members (both Basic and Premier tier subscribers) are also eligible to access the VIP demo. An open demo available to everyone will be available next week on Friday, February 1 through February 3.

If you pre-load the demo, you'll be able to boot up Anthem as soon as the servers go live. That way you won't have to wait for the 44GB download and install time. The demo will only be around 26GB on PS4 and Xbox One, but that's still a considerable amount to wait for the download to complete.

The Anthem demo pre-load can be accessed on PC through the Anthem store page on EA Origins, the PlayStation store page on PS4, and the Microsoft Store on Xbox One.

For more on the Anthem demo, including start times, check out our Anthem demo guide. Also be sure to check out our Anthem everything we know guide for the latest news, trailers, previews, and more on BioWare's upcoming multiplayer shooter.

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