Anthem E3 Demo Can Now be Watched in its Entirety With New Footage of Raids, Enemies, and Bosses

A new look at Anthem's E3 demo.

EA released a new 20-minute video of Anthem gameplay with commentary from BioWare lead producer Ben Irving that showcases what players can expect during one of the raids in Anthem.

The demo follows three Freelancers, the name of mercenaries who pilot the robotic mech suits called Javelins and take on missions across Anthem's world, as they embark on a "stronghold mission." It's just one type of raid in Anthem where players discover a stronghold and try and uncover its secrets.

Throughout the demo Irving shows off features like the ability to have party members drop-in on the raid at any time, or even have level one players join alongside level 30 players without trouble. Irving also says that emergent events like "titans" can appear during a raid which players might have to avoid depending on their level.

The stronghold raid clip is long with Irving saying that these raids are "long-form adventures" that can take over 20 minutes to finish. The clip even cuts some footage for the sake of time which goes to show how long these raids can take. The raid ends with the party facing off against the Swarm Tyrant boss which the team doesn't even defeat before the clip ends, but the video does a good job of showing off the variety of weapons and attacks Javelins can use against enemy bosses.

Anthem is BioWare's new open-world action RPG IP set in a futuristic world where freelancers pilot Javelins to clean up the world left destroyed by vengeful gods. Anthem utilizes live-service elements, meaning that the game will be a living world with new content and items added to the game as time goes on. It's a departure from the single-player RPGs BioWare has come to be known for thanks to games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Anthem will be released February 22, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more on BioWare's new action RPG check out our complete Anthem guide with news, trailers, and previews.

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