Anthem Executive Producer Thinks Mass Effect Andromeda Could Have Reviewed Better in a Different Release Window

Anthem Executive Producer Thinks Mass Effect Andromeda Could Have Reviewed Better in a Different Release Window

BioWare's Mark Darrah mulls over a troubled game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda might be the most divisive entry in BioWare's respected space-based RPG series. It generally didn't score exceptionally well with reviewers (not as well as previous entries, anyway) who says they came across bugs, awkward animations, and tepid content. The game sold poorly, and one BioWare veteran was driven to analyze if Andromeda received a "fair shake."

"MEA is a deeply flawed game. Especially at launch," tweeted BioWare's Executive Producer of Anthem and Dragon Age, Mark Darrah. "But the review environment was crowded. Nier, Nioh, Horizon, and Zelda all launched in MEAs window. Each does something better than MEA (again, a flawed game)."

vWhile Darrah doesn't believe launching in a different window would've driven up Andromeda's Metacritic score (currently at 72 / 100 for the PC) dramatically, he does suggest it might've bumped the score up to 77/78.

Ultimately, Darrah concludes "You launch the best game you can. MEA has a lot of problems and got lapped by genuinely better games." He also notes Dragon Age Inquisition benefit from its November 2014 launch date. "DAI benefited by how tough a year 2014 turned out to be for games."

Kat reviewed Mass Effect: Andromeda, and she branded the game with a 3/5. Though she describes Andromeda as "competent" and "fine," neither are descriptors that are really worthy of such an influential series. It's going to be a while before we see or hear anything about a new Mass Effect game, anyway: BioWare has to get through developing Anthem first.

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