Anthem Max Level: What is the Max Level in Anthem, Pilot Level Rewards

Anthem Max Level: What is the Max Level in Anthem, Pilot Level Rewards

There’s a fair bit of content to battle through in Anthem. There is a ceiling though, here’s the max level for Anthem.

In Anthem, you’ll gradually grow in level, making harder missions more viable, and rarer drops more plentiful. And while there’s plenty to sink your teeth into, there is a limit to how powerful you can get. This is called max level, and will pretty much mark the shift towards Anthem’s endgame content. If you were wondering what Anthem’s Max Level is, well you’ve come to the right place. In this Anthem Max Level Guide, we’ll be detailing what the max level in Anthem is. We’ll also give you some info on how to level up in Anthem, and what to do once you’ve hit the level cap.

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Anthem Max Level

You’ll level up while playing Anthem by earning XP. Much like in other games of its ilk, Anthem awards players XP for just about everything, from killing enemies to completing challenges. Let’s take a look at how the level cap in Anthem works.

What is the Max Level in Anthem?

You’ll level up as you progress through Anthem, though it’s unlikely that you’ll hit level cap before finishing the main story. The max level in Anthem is 30, though this is not the be all and end all of how your power is calculated. Your Pilot Level is combined with your Gear Score to determine your progress.

How to Level Up Fast in Anthem

One of the best ways to level up fast in Anthem is to complete Strongholds, especially at higher difficulties. Feats are also important, as they award a lot of XP upon completion. Feats can be found in your Codex. Playing the main missions is also a great way to level up.

Anthem Level Rewards

You’ll earn rewards for hitting certain levels. This will allow you to further customize your Javelin, and in some cases even allow you to unlock more javelin slots. We’ve listed all of the Anthem Pilot Level Rewards below:

  • Level 2 - Javelin 1
  • Level 3 - Second Weapon Slot
  • Level 4 - First Component Slot
  • Level 5 - Support Slot
  • Level 6 - Second Component Slot
  • Level 8 - Javelin 2
  • Level 10 - Consumable Slot
  • Level 12 - Third Component Slot
  • Level 14 - Fourth Component Slot
  • Level 16 - Javelin 3
  • Level 18 - Fifth Component Slot
  • Level 20 - Consumable Slot 2
  • Level 23 - Sixth Component Slot
  • Level 26 - Javelin 4
  • Level 30 - Grandmaster Difficulties

Anthem: What to do After Reaching Max Level

Once you hit level cap at 30, Grandmaster difficulties unlock. This is also where Masterwork and Legendary loot is available, which is the best in the game. This endgame portion is where you can accept Legendary Contracts, and you can replay Strongholds at Grandmaster Difficulties to get even stronger. There will be updates in the future, as well as events, so keep up to date with announcements to be aware of future content.

That’s all we have on Anthem Max Level info. For more on the game, why not check out our Anthem Chest Locations Guide. We’ve also got a detailed breakdown of Masterwork Weapons.

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