Anthem Officially Goes Gold

Get ready for Anthem when it comes out in February.

BioWare's upcoming action-RPG Anthem has gone gold. This means development on the launch version of Anthem is completed, and it's ready for gamers to get their hands on a fancy new Javelin.

The definition of going gold really has changed in the era of live-service games. We know that BioWare will continue to update and create content for Anthem once it ships. In fact, BioWare's Mark Darrah told us in an interview that launch day is merely the "starting line" for Anthem.

That's not to mention EA's rather complicated release schedule. So even though there's just a little under a month until Anthem officially goes on sale, EA Access Premier members will get access to the full version of Anthem a week early. That strategy extends to Anthem's upcoming demo which goes live earlier for EA Access members and customers who pre-ordered Anthem.

But barring any complications, Anthem is ready to launch for everyone on February 22. Anthem began development back in 2012 before being officially unveiled at E3 2017. Since then Anthem was delayed from its original spring 2018 release window into 2019.

Check out our Anthem demo guide to find out how to participate in the upcoming trial. For everything else including previews, news, and trailers check out our Anthem everything we know guide.

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