Anthem's 90-Day Roadmap Promises New Events, More Loot, and the Cataclysm

Anthem might have a rough first step, but BioWare has plans.

Anthem is available today for players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but the game is definitely coming in hot. It's seen a rough reception, with launch day price cuts, low Twitch viewership, and less than stellar reviews. Still, it's a games-as-a-service title, so BioWare is committed to fixing and improving Anthem in the long-term.

Today BioWare revealed the rough roadmap for the next 90 days of Anthem updates. In a post on the official BioWare blog, Anthem head of live service Chad Robertson talked about the developer's hopes for the future of Anthem.

"Coming off our Early Access period, we understand that we have lots of work ahead of us to continue to improve the game. While launch is our most significant step yet, it is also just the first of many in fulfilling our long-term vision for the game," says Robertson.

The update roadmap is separated into months, missing specific days for each update's release. In general, BioWare says that every month will include new cosmetics in the vanity store, quality-of-life fixes and improvements, and daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. The specific updates planned for the rest of February include three freeplay events: Outlaw Outrage, There Be Giants, and Shaper Surge. Outside of the images on the roadmap, there's no indication what these events will entail.

March offers the Elysian Stronghold Caches, which are the treasure chest of vanity armor and emblems that are tied to Anthem's Strongholds. These will require keys to unlock, which are gained from completing daily challenges. The will also be new rewards and Phase 1 of the new Legendary Missions. Finally, alongside Three Be Giants and Outlaw Outrage Freeplay events, there will be a new one called Cortex Locked.

April expands the current progression system with something called the Mastery System. Anthem's social options also get a boosts with Guilds, Leaderboards, and Weekly Stronghold Challenges. Legendary Missions enter Phase 2, and the first new Stronghold, The Sunken, goes live. May kicks off the Cataclysm, the endgame-level world event that BioWare have previously teased, finishing off the first Act of Anthem's content.

This is everything being planned for Anthem's immediate future, though we're lacking details for what most of this content entails. BioWare has been rather transparent with Anthem so far, so we can expect to heard more about this content in the coming weeks. Given the poor reviews and launch state of Anthem, BioWare still has a chance to turn the game around, like Destiny 2 and The Division before it. Hopefully the studio can deliver on the promises outlined here and a much better Anthem in the future.

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