Anthem Graphics Analysis Shows the Frostbite Engine Being Taken to New Heights

Anthem Graphics Analysis Shows the Frostbite Engine Being Taken to New Heights

Digital Foundry does a deep breakdown of Anthem's recent demo.

Anthem, the upcoming shared world shooter from BioWare, returned at E3 2018 with more details and a shiny new trailer and demo. Just last week, that demo was unveiled on YouTube in full for viewers with commentary on the moment-to-moment action.

The demo, according to a tweet from Anthem's executive producer Mark Darrah, was running on two GeForce GTX 1080 TIs. He added that it was in 4K and running at 60fps. EA recently passed our friends at Digital Foundry an even more impressive version of the demo, which runs at a staggering 2160p. Digital Foundry, being the graphical experts they are, break down the foliage (particularly how dense its vegetation is), draw distances, lighting, and more in the video and article linked above.

Frostbite, it seems, is being molded to new heights for games—and could continue to be more worthwhile for higher end hardware, whether it's beefy PCs or even next-gen consoles. The Anthem demo, despite some hiccups, is another example of BioWare's long history of using engines at its full potential, says the site.

The demo does have some issues though, with checkerboarding and jagged edges when zoomed in, leading Digital Foundry to initially believe it was running on an Xbox One X rather than a PC. It's possible, they surmise, that the demo of Anthem was somehow running with checkerboard rendering, or it's a bug in post-processing. It won't be that long until we can all get down to the bottom of this technical conundrum though when Anthem releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

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