Anthem's Worldwide Launch Beset by Low Twitch Viewership, Price Cuts

Anthem hits some turbulence.

It's launch day part two for Anthem as BioWare's new loot shooter is now available for everyone. But whether it's because of the early access launch a week ago, bad reviews, or a combination of both, Anthem looks to be off to a rough start.

On Twitch, for example, Anthem is bringing in a little over 45,000 viewers. That's less than half of what it generated a week ago during the early access launch, and much less than the peak 300,000 viewers the Anthem demo brought in January.

Anthem's hovering around the 45k range. | Matt Kim/Twitch

There's also reports from Australia and the U.K. that Anthem is seeing price cuts already. New copies of Anthem are on sale on Amazon Australia for $55 AUD (~$39 USD). That's almost half the price of what new games typically go for in both Australia and the United States.

While new games have been going on sale increasingly closer to launch dates, sales at launch are a different matter. It's reminiscent of Fallout 76's current situation, where some retailers are just giving away copies to cut down on stock.

Prices are similar across all three platforms. | Matt Kim/Amazon

Taken together, and it looks like Anthem might have fallen a bit on its face at launch day 2.0. Anthem isn't on Steam, so it's hard to track what the player numbers are like, but Twitch viewership is generally a good indication of interest, while sales can be used to gauge interest on the retail side of things. And in both instances, it seems like things are a little tepid for Anthem.

There's also the matter of EA's multi-tiered launch period which essentially released Anthem in beta a week early for Origin Access Premier members. The same launch tactic was used for Battlefield 5 to equal amounts of confusion, and possibly lower than expected sales.

And the poor reviews for Anthem probably aren't helping drum up interest. Our own Anthem review, based on the latest patch, finds the game largely unplayable still. As a live service title BioWare and EA can still turn things around, but as it stands initial impressions aren't positive.

Check out our Anthem guide for our full coverage including walkthroughs, tips, news, and more.

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