Apex Legends Fans Mourn the Loss of Titanfall's Best Feature

Wall running is gone, and the fans are sad.

Apex Legends doesn't have mechs, but it's still Respawn's newest game set in the Titanfall universe. But while fans are learning that there is life after giant robots, one other key feature in Titanfall missing in Apex Legends is proving harder to stomach: no wall running.

Titanfall games are lauded for the way they play. The first two Titanfall games eschewed boots on the ground combat for zippy, gravity defying movement. This was done through a combination of double jump boosters, and wall running that made movement feel effortless and freeing. Sadly, there's none of that in Apex Legends, which keeps some elements of Titanfall's movement like sliding and ziplines but gets rid of the rest.

Apex Legends lead producer Drew McCoy told Eurogamer that when development began, Apex Legends did include things like wall running and double jumping. But as playtesting continued, those two staples of Titanfall gameplay began to bump up against Apex Legends' gameplay goals.

"[We had] things like wall running and double jumping for a long time, we had triple jump for a while, they make combat really hard to beat and comprehend," revealed McCoy. "You can't predict where players come from or you're pushing them to, and things would happen to you more than you would predict and respond against. So it's really fun to do, but it's really bad for combat legibility."

Unfortunately, McCoy hit the nail over the head when he said wall running and double jumping are fun to do. They really are, and longtime Titanfall fans know this. Across the internet fans mourn the missing features that made up a core part of Titanfall's gameplay.

"Definitely going to give it a shot, but without Titanfall gameplay I really don't see much appeal for me personally," writes one Reddit commentor on a thread discussing wall runs. "Could be (and probably is) a perfectly good game, but it's no Titanfall," writes another.

Respawn confirmed Titanfall 3 isn't in development, and that Apex Legends is the primary game in the series right now. But hope is not lost. Thanks to the live-service nature of Apex Legends there's no reason why Respawn can't bring back double jumps or wall running as part of a limited-time event, or character perk. Though nothing has been confirmed yet in Apex Legends' roadmap regarding limited-time events.

Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that neither of those movement features are present in Apex Legends currently. And weirdly enough, we're learning that it's not the mechs people are missing most about Titanfall. It's the glorious freedom of wall running and hardcore parkour.

Check out our Apex Legends FAQ and guide for more info on Respawn's newest battle royale shooter.

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