Apex Legends' First Battle Pass Drops Tomorrow: Rewards, New Character Revealed

Prices, release time, and new Legend Octane revealed.

EA and Respawn have officially announced the long-awaited Battle Pass for Apex Legends, and it's dropping tomorrow. The first season, titled "Wild Frontier," will include new skins, over 100 unique earnable items, and the new character Octane.

The Season One: Wild Frontier Battle Pass will be available in Apex Legends tomorrow at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET. It will be available for 950 Apex Coins or a Battle Pass Bundle, which includes the pass and unlocks the first 25 levels for 2,800 Apex Coins. Respawn sells 1,000 Apex Coins for $10 which will get you the Battle Pass, and you can purchase 2,150 Apex Coins for $20 and purchase an additional 1,000 for about $30 and buy the bundle.

Respawn also announced its first new character Octane. Octavio "Octane" Silva is a metal legged, adrenaline junkie who apparently comes with "death-defying moves." His special ability lets him trade his own health for faster speed and he has an unlimited supply of Stim health regeneration. Like the teasers suggested, Octane has a Launch Pad Ultimate ability that lets his squad fly through the air.

Like other Battle Pass systems, the first season of Apex Legends allows players who own a pass to level up by completing various objectives. Each level unlocks a new tier of rewards. The more objectives players complete, the more levels they earn and more rewards they'll unlock.

The Battle Pass automatically comes with one Wild Frontier legendary skin, five Apex Packs, and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers. There's also Lifeline's Revolutionary skin, Wraith's Survivor skin, and Mirage's Outlaw skin.

Players have been eagerly anticipating the first Battle Pass for Apex Legends, and Respawn has been coy about when it would be officially dropping. There were datamines that unearthed some hidden info about Apex Legends, including what looked like new characters, but Respawn said that some of that data was unfinished drafts that might not make it into Apex Legends. But Octane was both rumored and confirmed, so there could still be some truth to those datamines.

Respawn has a bonafide hit with Apex Legends. The Titanfall themed battle royale adds some Overwatch-style special abilities and requires mandatory teamwork as opposed to solo-focused battle royale games, but this has led to key features like the ping system. Apex Legends hit 50 million players earlier this month.

For more on Apex Legends check out our complete Apex Legends guides for more coverage including strategies, tips, reward guides, and more.

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