Apex Legends Fixes Its Muzzle Flash Problem

Apex Legends Fixes Its Muzzle Flash Problem

It's been a bigger issue than you might think.

With the latest Apex Legends patch, there's one big new change: muzzle flash has been drastically reduced. This might not sound like a big deal, but it's pretty major for players that sometimes struggle with accuracy while aiming down sights (me).

Take a look at the excellent comparison below for the R-99 submachine gun. It's a really neat look at how the latest patch for Respawn's game has dialed the muzzle flash way down while you're aiming down the sights of a weapon.

There's another comparison clip below for other weapons in Apex Legends. If I'm getting personal for a second here, this is a big change for players like me that often struggle to track targets while aiming down the sights. It sounds like a dumb problem to have, but sometimes muzzle flash really can cause you to lose sight of a fast-moving target, especially if you're up against a mobile legend like Octane.

These changes to muzzle flash are now live in Apex Legends with the latest patch. This patch also introduces the 'System Override' event until March 17, with 24 new premium cosmetics available through the new event-specific reward list, and a new type of shield that powers up when you deal damage to non-shielded enemies: the Evo Shield. If you're keen to view the full patch notes, which include the overhauled Heirlooms system, check out Respawn's Reddit post.

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