Apex Legends' Gibraltar Has a Wholesome New Revival Animation

Apex Legends' Gibraltar Has a Wholesome New Revival Animation

All praise the big lad.

The Grand Soiree isn't the only new thing in Apex Legends. Turns out Gibraltar has a brand new animation for reviving teammates, which is very fitting for his character.

Gibby is huge. Size of this lad. It figures that in his new revival animation he literally picks a teammate up with one hand off the floor and gets them back on their feet. You can see the new revival animation for Gibby in action below. From the look of things, it seems like the animation activates depending on where you're standing in relation to the downed teammate.

Gibby is the most wholesome character in Apex Legends, in my book at least. Look at him heartily slap Octane on the back after he's picked him up. He's a very good boy and it's because of this that I'll forgive him for having one of the more annoying passive abilities in the game (I'm talking about his shield that pops up when he aims, of course).

The Grand Soiree event kicked off in Apex Legends just yesterday. It's arguably one of the biggest events in the game to date, bringing in a new mode every two days. At the time of writing, the current mode is Gold Rush Duos, where every single weapon you pick up is of Legendary rarity with every attachment slot filled.

There are also new cosmetics available in Grand Soiree, both to be purchased and earned. There are a couple new outfits for characters and weapons in the Apex Store that you can purchase for Apex Coins, or there are new cosmetic rewards you can earn by playing the new modes.

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