Apex Legends' Mirage Statue Sure Looks Like That Infamous Ronaldo Bust

Apex Legends' Mirage Statue Sure Looks Like That Infamous Ronaldo Bust

But that's also kind of the point.

Plenty of things were unveiled for the future of Apex Legends yesterday at the EA Play event, including cross-play and port to the Nintendo Switch. One thing caught my eye in the deluge of information though: Mirage's fancy new statue.

Mirage, if you aren't aware, is a bit self-obsessed. There's loading screens in Apex Legends depicting his hideout adorned with statues and memorabilia of himself, all in garish bright colors. It plays into his cocky personality, and his new Heirloom weapon, which you can see just below, definitely matches everything we know about Apex Legends' biggest playboy.

Mirage's eye-catching new statue. | Respawn Entertainment/EA

That statue bears a pretty striking resemblance to something. With its facial features hilariously out of proportion and emblazoned in gold, it really reminds me of that so-awful-it's-almost-good statue of soccer star Christiano Ronaldo that was unveiled at Madeira airport back in 2017.

Feast your eyes. | Getty Images

The statue of Ronaldo gained overnight notoriety for looking absolutely nothing like the person on which it was based. According to multiple reports, the statue was removed only 15 months after it was erected at the request of Ronaldo's family, with a second, more worthy statue taking its place.

They're a perfect match for each other. USgamer

Look, I love this new Mirage heirloom statue. I think it's absolutely hilarious and purposefully looks nothing like Mirage only to enhance his comically huge ego. I am equally excited to earn this horrible gold thing when Apex's Lost Treasure Collection event goes live next week on June 23.

Looking further ahead though, Apex Legends is coming to the Nintendo Switch later in 2020. Respawn's game will also have cross-play enabled at some point in the year as well, so there's a lot to look forward to.

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