Apex Legends' New Quest Has Murdered My Favorite Character

Apex Legends' New Quest Has Murdered My Favorite Character

And I will have my revenge.

Quests are Apex Legends' big new addition for the current season. They're small single-player missions that task you with retrieving an artifact, and the latest Quest has murdered my favorite character.

Dropping down into the mission on a nighttime version of King's Canyon, you begin shooting at the big alien dog things running around the environment. Heading towards the target given to you by Bangalore, you come across Wattson, who's down and bleeding out. Before you can get to her however, Wattson dies then and there.

Wattson is my favorite character because she's largely the only Apex character to be permanently optimistic. She's always got a charming smile across her face (probably not when she's bleeding to death), and Wattson's just a generally lovely character to be around.

So what the hell, Respawn? Why did the lovely French technician have to die, surrounded by a pack of braying alien dogs in the middle of a shadowy battle royale map? I swear, Wattson, I will avenge you.

Tributes for Wattson are pouring in on the Apex Legends subreddit. Look, Wattson might have overrun the original King's Canyon map with gigantic alien creatures back in Season 2, but she's still firmly one of the most likeable characters in the entire game.

Look, I'm being facetious. I absolutely love Apex Legends' new additions in Season 5: Fortune's Favor, from new hero Loba and her evolving war with Revenant, to the intricate map changes and Skull Town's demise. Even if my favorite character and all-round Best Girl Wattson did bite the dust, cut down in her prime.

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