Apex Legends' Planet Harvester is Killing Entire Teams

Apex Legends' Planet Harvester is Killing Entire Teams

Finding out about the death beam the hard way.

The new Planet Harvester was dropped into Apex Legends' map just yesterday with the launch of Season 4: Assimilation. Turns out you shouldn't fly directly over the beam projecting into the sky from the harvester, and some teams have found out about this the hard way.

The Planet Harvester was dropped onto the map by the sinister in-game corporation Hammond Robotics, and it's going to town on tearing up a giant portion of the World's End map. It projects all its harvested resources into the sky through a giant energy beam, and it's this energy beam that's proving pretty lethal to players.

Also to players in the drop ship, apparently. If the path of the drop ship takes you directly above the beam of the Planet Harvester, it'll kill literally everyone in the entire drop ship. Pretty fun gag, or just a bug? You decide.

Season 4: Assimilation's other big addition was Revenant, the new playable Legend. This shadowy assassin joins the Apex Games to try and take down Hammond Robotics, operators of the Planet Harvester and general all-round bad guys (they backed the villainous IMC in Titanfall 2).

Revenant's tactical ability is to deploy an energy orb, which temporarily stops enemy players from using any abilities. His Ultimate Ability drops down an item that he interacts with to turn into a shadowy form of himself, and when taking damage Revenant's shadow form will teleport back to the item instead of dying. It'll take a lot of work to get the hang of this.

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