Apex Legends Players Aren't Happy with How Pricey the New Iron Crown Event Is

Apex Legends Players Aren't Happy with How Pricey the New Iron Crown Event Is

The heirloom's a little expensive for most people's tastes.

The Iron Crown event has been live for a very short time, and yet Apex Legends players are already complaining about its price. New cosmetics have been added to the store, purchasable through special Iron Crown packs which cost quite a lot, with an added bonus on top if you want the rarest item.

There are 30 Iron Crown cosmetics added today, spread out among the cast of Legends and the armory of weapons you can pick up in Apex. While six are in the Iron Crown Event Shop, where you can trade currency earned through challenges to get cosmetics like a Wingman skin, the other 24 are only available through packs. Opening a pack gets you one item from the bunch, with a guarantee of no duplicates, at 700 Apex Coins a pop.

While the lack of duplicate pulls is nice, keep in mind that Apex Coins aren't cheap. A normal pack, which includes three cosmetics, costs 100 Apex Coins-equivalent to one U.S. dollar. This single item loot pack costs 700 Apex Coins, or 7 dollars. While you get two free packs for completing some challenges, that's still a lot of money to potentially spend trying to get the one skin you want.

On top of that, there is the new Bloodhound heirloom, an extremely rare item. But the only way to get the item is to get every other one of the pack-based Iron Crown items, at which point you get the option to purchase the heirloom for 3500 Apex Coins. That's a lot of cash, even if the item is set to be as rare as Wraith's heirloom knife once the event ends.

This update also adds a solos mode and completely revamps one section of the map to add some sick ramps and rings of fire, but players are already taking to forums like the Apex Legends subreddit to voice their distaste for the high-priced cosmetics.

"I've stuck by Respawn and Apex since day one," one user writes. "I get how business works and needing to turn a profit, but this event is an absolute joke and to be quite honest, one that has for the first time since playing day one just say 'fuck it' and go back to Fortnite, which I never in a million years thought I'd do."

A front page thread titled "I'm sorry Respawn, but this is where you lost me" breaks down all the cost, including gating the option to buy the heirloom-rather than getting it as a drop-behind a paywall. Twitter users are also replying to the Apex account's tweets with complaints about the cost.

It's understandable to make something with the heirloom quality extremely rare, but it seems like most users are taking umbrage with the fact that it's rare because no one will want to pay that much for it, rather than higher drop odds. With other games like Rocket League ditching loot crates, it's a bummer to still see loot packs turn out like this.

Be sure to follow our Apex Legends guides section to keep up to date with the new event and all the changes that arrived with the second season of Apex.

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