Apple Arcade, The Company's Gaming Subscription Service, Launches Next Week

Apple Arcade, The Company's Gaming Subscription Service, Launches Next Week

Play on your iPhone for just $5 a month.

Apple's foray into subscription-based gaming is launching very soon, and it's taking steps to try and get players invested early. Apple announced during its keynote presentation today that Apple Arcade will launch with 100 games on September 19, at a subscription cost of $4.99 a month for a family plan.

Several developers took the stage to show off games that are coming to the service, including a new Frogger game and an underwater survival side-scroller from Capcom. The former looks like a Katamari Damacy-style take on Frogger, where you bounce through a playroom level complete with a giant baby who will knock over blocks and put obstacles in your path.

Capcom's underwater game looks to have tense touch-screen harpoon combat and lots of underwater noise effects. Annapurna Interactive also took the stage to show off Sayonara Wild Hearts, a stylish pop-synth game that really scratches our ever-present Rhythm Heaven itch. Alongside those three, a number of other developers were confirmed as coming to the Apple Arcade platform, including Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Devolver Digital. You can see the full lineup in the screencap below, courtesy of Nibel on Twitter:

Apple Arcade is also launching with a one-month trial, so you can try out its subscription service across iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers for yourself. It's a solid plan for a pretty fair price, though both Frogger and Capcom's submerged survival game aren't the killer apps that will make me jump on the bandwagon just yet.

To recap, Apple Arcade:

  • Arriving Sept. 19
  • Over 100 games at launch
  • $4.99/month, with one month free trial
  • Family subscription
  • New games from Konami and Capcom
  • Major developers, both indie and AAA, have signed on

While Apple jumps into the subscription service competition, it already has strong competition in the form of Google and Microsoft. The Stadia subscription service looks to take gaming into the cloud, without a specific platform requirement outside Chrome or the Stadia stick. Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass has also been a strong success for the company, moving to PC and adding an Ultimate version. It remains to be seen whether Apple's service can compete in the oncoming sub wars, though a $5 offering for a massive library of phone games is certainly a start.

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