Apple Arcade is a New Video Game Subscription Service With a New Title From Hironobu Sakaguchi

Apple Arcade is a New Video Game Subscription Service With a New Title From Hironobu Sakaguchi

Apple has a new video game service coming this fall.

Apple announced a new video game subscription service today during its spring keynote. Dubbed "Apple Arcade," the service will allow players access to over a hundred games on the Apple App Store for a single subscription price. And major devs are already onboard to work with Apple.

Apple's new subscription service isn't a streaming service, but rather a subscription service that will let players download and play apps on their iPhones, iPads, or Macs. With a single subscription, players can experience ad-free, offline video game play across one or multiple devices.

To showcase Apple Arcade, Apple released a new reel teasing some of the developers and games coming to the service. This includes a new title by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi called Fantasian. We don't know a lot about Fantasian other than it's an anime-esque game running on the iPad.

Other titles include games from publishers like Finji, Devolver, Disney, Sega, Konami, Annapurna, WayForward, and more. Apple is teasing new, original games from creators like Will Wright and Ken Wong as well.

Titles coming to Apple Arcade aren't just curated, but financed by Apple which suggests some kind of exclusivity. Like Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, Apple Arcade offers unlimited access to its library of games for a single monthly subscription payment. Apple is also promising game controller support for "many" of its games, though this feature hasn't been detailed.

Apple also didn't reveal pricing or a specific release date. Instead, Apple Arcade is scheduled to launch sometime in fall 2019, and pricing details are set to be announced at a later date, hopefully with some more news about what games and exclusives to expect.

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