April's Free NES Classics Include Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and Punch-Out!!

Three new games headline this month's free NES classics.

Three new NES games have been announced for the month of April as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service, and it's a good-looking month for classics. Subscribers can look forward to a new Mario game, a Punch-Out title, and Star Soldier.

As part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, members get access to a growing library of classic NES games. Though North American audiences have been getting about two games a month for the last couple of months, this April we're getting three.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels was originally released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2. Developed as a direct follow-up to the NES version of Super Mario Bros., The Lost Levels are noted for their increased difficulty over the first game.

Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream is the first Punch-Out!! game to appear on home consoles after a series of arcade releases. Originally branded with Mike Tyson's name, the license to use the boxer expired and he was renamed "Mr. Dream." Other famous boxers include Glass Joe and King Hippo.

Star Soldier is the first in a series of shoot 'em ups developed by Hudson Soft. First released in 1986, Star Soldier is a spiritual successor to Tecmo's Star Force and borrows much of the core gameplay from Tecmo's shooter.

Nintendo's Switch Online service is similar to offerings from PlayStation and Xbox, where for a regular subscription fee, players can have access to online network features on the Switch. The NES Classic library not only includes classic games, but also enhanced versions that add an extra level of difficulty to certain titles.

Nintendo also recently released an exclusive title through the Switch Online service: Tetris 99, the online battle royale Tetris game.

For more, check out our Nintendo Switch Online guide for pricing info and a list of the classic games it hosts.

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