Arc System Works Picks Up Jake Hunter Series, Sequel Coming to 3DS

Arc System Works picks up four Japanese IP and readies the first for some releases.

Arc System Works announced today (translation via Gematsu) that it has picked up the rights for four titles previously developed by WorkJam, a now-defunct Japanese studio. Arc System Works collaborated with WorkJam on the Tantei Jinguuji Saburou ("Detective Saburou Jinguuji") series, which is one of the franchises it has acquired from owner Expris. Western fans know Tantei Jinguuji Saburou as Jake Hunter, from the release of Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles for Nintendo DS.

He doesn't look like a Jake...

Arc System Works has announced a new game in the series, Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Ghost of the Dusk for Nintendo 3DS. It's the first release of the series since 2012's Rondo of Revenge. There's no word on whether it'll come to North America or not.

The studio will also be remaking the past entries in the series for modern smartphones, mirroring WorkJam's original releases on mobile phones. The specific entries weren't named, but images point to Kito's Night (Kito no Yoru), The Endless Night (Akenai Yoru ni), and Portrait of a Dead Child (Naki Ko no Shouzou).

The other series Arc System Works acquired are also Japan-centric: the Theresia series, the Nazo no Jikenbo, and Koneko no Ie. The Thersia series had one Western release in 2008 for Nintendo DS, but otherwise, most of the games mentioned are Japanese-only mobile releases. Koneko no Ie is the exception, being a cat-based adventure game for Nintendo DS and 3DS.

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