Are You More Excited for Resident Evil 2 or Kingdom Hearts 3?

Are You More Excited for Resident Evil 2 or Kingdom Hearts 3?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | It's about to be a big month for games.

The first couple weeks of January have been slow, but next week things are about to kick off. Big time.

First, Capcom's Resident Evil 2 remake will release on January 25. The following week, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out on January 29. That's two highly anticipated games in a row, many years in the making. It's an exciting time for two opposite series. So which one are you more excited for: Resident Evil 2 or Kingdom Hearts 3?

Matt Kim News Editor

I missed out on the Kingdom Hearts series when I was growing up, but I've flirted with picking up one of the recent complete collections for PS3 and PS4. Sadly, each time I thought about committing to the series, something came up. So I'm firmly on the Resident Evil 2 camp, but only because I literally don't know anything about Kingdom Hearts (though I hear even longtime KH fans have the same problem).

Caty McCarthy Features Editor

Man, January is really my month this year. I'm really looking forward to both Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3. RE2, for my money, is the best Resident Evil game, and those new zombie physics are just *chef's kiss*.

Kingdom Hearts 3, meanwhile, has been a game I've been looking forward to since I was, uh, a literal kid. It's one of the rare modern-ish games I can bring up with my mom, and she'd say, "Oh my god you loved those games when you were growing up." And I did! I'm cautiously optimistic for KH3, as while I'm a fan of Birth By Sleep and the first game, a lot of the side games have failed to hook me. In Kingdom Hearts 2, you can pretty much put no effort at all into combat and come out just fine. Hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 ratchets up the difficulty a little bit, or at least feels as good to play as Birth By Sleep did. Here's to hoping!

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