ArenaNet "In Mourning" After Suffering Layoffs

ArenaNet "In Mourning" After Suffering Layoffs

ArenaNet has laid off "a number" of employees as part of a bigger restructuring effort.

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has undergone the layoffs which were reported last week. The studio confirmed the layoffs yesterday and former employees are taking to social media to announce their departure, or the departure of former colleagues.

ArenaNet confirmed that it would undergo layoffs as well as cancel in-development projects as part of a larger restructuring within NCSoft West. While Guild Wars 2 will continue on, ArenaNet has delayed some development on Guild Wars 2 content, "in light of current events at the studio[.]"

As with game job layoffs at Activision Blizzard, video game industry members have begun sharing job listing and boosting job hunt tweets from laid off employees. ArenaNet's lead game designer Jennifer Scheurle, who is still at ArenaNet, tweeted about how the company handled the painful layoffs well.

While it's impossible to speculate how ArenaNet went about its layoff procedures, longtime employees from the studio were not exempt from the larger restructuring. Veteran audio director Drew Cady was one of the employees laid off yesterday. Composer Maclaine Diemer shared a Twitter thread highlighting Cady's contributions to audio design and ArenaNet as a whole.

Similar stories are being shared under the hashtag #love4arenanet. ArenaNet head of marketing Regina Buenaobra tweeted using the hashtag, "ArenaNet is in mourning. The studio lost many talented, amazing people today." reports ArenaNet founder Mike O'Brien was "tearful and remorseful" with laid off employees.

ArenaNet is just the latest studio to undergo layoffs. Activision Blizzard laid off nearly 800 employees following a record year of profits. Meanwhile, CD Projekt's online retailer GOG also underwent layoffs in an effort to become more competitive with the Epic Games Store and Steam. The news has further pushed efforts to unionize the games industry to protect employees from unexpected termination.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the ArenaNet layoffs please reach out to

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