ARKit Used for Evil as Developer Creates AR Experience Based on The Ring

ARKit Used for Evil as Developer Creates AR Experience Based on The Ring

Seven days.

So far, AR technology might best be known for bringing to life adorable Pokemon in games like Niantic's Pokemon Go. But what if that technology was used for evil? Developer Abhishek Singh is an AR designer who decided to just develop an AR experience where the well-dwelling spirit from The Ring, Samara, is brought to life thanks to the terrible powers of augmented reality.

Developed using ARKit and Unity, Singh's nightmare creature can be seen in his tweet coming out of the TV where the infamous well scene from The Ring takes place. Not only is Samara's movements incredibly eerie, but the way it crawls out and follows you from the TV is genuinely terrifying. Apparently it can follow users around and the technology can be used to make her appear randomly in hallways.

This isn't the first Samara developed using AR technology or ARKit. Mike Woods posted a video on YouTube of a similar AR trick, but features a sort of photo-realistic Samara ripped from the movies, rather than one that appears to be rigged like Singh's.

AR is readying itself as the next big thing in non-traditional gaming after VR. Phone companies like Apple and Google are pushing ahead with AR development for their mobile devices, especially on the iPhone. Games like Pokemon Go are already massive successes, and the accessibility to AR gaming via mobile phones makes the barrier of entry much lower than VR, which requires expensive gaming PCs and VR headsets to implement.

However, while Niantic is working to bring kid-friendly games like Pokemon and Harry Potter to AR, I doubt things like The Ring's Samara AR will be popular with the younger crowd.

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