Arms for the Nintendo Switch Looks Fun, but It's Barely Armed

A new video for Arms shows off the depth of each fighter, but its five-person roster is meagre. [EDIT: New characters ARE coming, but they're not featured in this video]

News by Nadia Oxford, .

EDIT, 4:16 PM ET: There are more than five characters planned for Arms, apparently. Arms' producer, Kosuke Yabuki, revealed as much in a recent interview with Famitsu. He says, "There will be more characters, with more arm types. What we have available today is just a portion of what will be available in the full game. You can look forward to more information gradually coming out as the release date approaches."

This is good to hear, though it's a bit of a shame we don't learn more about the new characters in the latest video. Looking forward to more info!

Original story: Does the current state of the world have you aching for something to punch? Don't worry, you'll soon get your chance. Arms is coming later this spring.

Earlier today, Nintendo released a new trailer for Arms, its upcoming action / fighting game that makes heavy use of the Joy-Cons' "HD rumble." The video introduces each of the game's five fighters, and offers in-depth profiles of their abilities and strengths in the arena.

For instance, Spring Man, who we can only hope was intentionally named after one of Dr Wily's most useless Robot Masters, is an everyman with decent attack, defense, and movement. Ribbon Girl, who is already showing up in the galleries of fan artists who specialize in erotic content, can dodge enemy attacks outright with her double-jump. Ninjara can stymie his enemies by ninja-vanishing all around the arena. That's cool, but I'm disappointed to see he lacks a fluffy, fluffy fox tail.

The video aims to show off the depth of each fighter, and there are admittedly several dimensions to Arms' characters. I went hands-on with Arms at the Switch event Nintendo held in New York City last January, and even then, I felt Arms' potential as a fighting game. It might even find a home on the tournament scene. Problem is, five characters might not take the game as far as Nintendo hopes. Will there be more on the menu when the game launches? Are more contenders coming as DLC? Who knows.

It's always nice to see Nintendo innovate through new IPs, so with any luck Arms will administer a beat-down on our hearts. Look for it this spring. Did Nintendo choose "spring" as a release date on purpose? You know it did.

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  • Avatar for LBD_Nytetrayn #1 LBD_Nytetrayn 11 months ago
    I'm bugged more by the fact that there's an odd number of characters. Guess that just shows where my mind is at.

    But yeah, Spring Man and Ninjara? Makes me wonder if there's anything to the other names we just haven't noticed yet...
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  • Avatar for StrwbrryJams #2 StrwbrryJams 11 months ago
    I'm imagining (hoping? even though I'm not interested) a Splatoon-like roll-out.
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  • Avatar for Tebunker #3 Tebunker 11 months ago
    @NadiaOxford Nintendo has already commented that there are more than 5 characters. Almost two months ago at a Japane event the game director confirmed this.

    I dont really want to link to another site here but a simple google search will show the results.

    Hoping they can add more too because if this gets regular updates ala splatoon it will be a healthy fun game. March 2017 by Tebunker
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #4 Monkey-Tamer 11 months ago
    Less fighters hopefully means better balance. Trying to balance a game with a roster of 30 to 50 characters has to be a nightmare.
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  • Avatar for nadiaoxford #5 nadiaoxford 11 months ago
    @Tebunker Thanks! I've updated the story.
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  • Avatar for duvjones #6 duvjones 11 months ago
    I would say that is a lie and look at Marvel or Smash... BUT... Balance isn't the word I would use for either series at this point.
    Smash quite literally does it's own thing and has much different priorities than the competitive set when it comes to what is balanced (4/8man-free-for-all to 1v1).
    And Marvel has been cursed since 2 to NEVER, EVER, be balanced by any stretch of the imagination, due to the fact that the fan-base (and competitive set) would scream bloody murder over the four corners of the Internet should that be attempted during development (and they notice).

    Anyways, ARMS is a kind of new concept fighter as much as Smash was, as much as Street Fighter 2 was. Balance would be a funny word at the beginning of all of them, I expect ARMS to be the same.Edited March 2017 by duvjones
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