Arms Is Finally Getting Customizable Controls

No more pushing in an analog stick to block!

News by Caty McCarthy, .

Back when I reviewed Arms in June, one of the things I lamented most was the oddly mapped out analog controls. They were stuck that way too, with no means of customization. In Arms' upcoming Vers. 3 update though, all that is about to change.

Arms will be implementing custom controls at last. Nintendo announced the update through Twitter today. For players who play Arms on either the JoyCons or the Pro controller, all buttons and moves are re-routable to different control schemes, making the game more comfortable to play for every individual.

The custom controls update in Vers. 3 isn't the only change coming. Lola Pop, Arms' second additional fighter, will be joining the roster. In July, new fighter Max Brass was thrown into the ring, a heavier character with arms made of championship belts. A date for when the Vers. 3 update will drop has yet to be announced, but with this news, it seems like it will be pretty soon.

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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #1 donkeyintheforest 7 months ago
    hopefully they will do this for more games. i really preferred the controls of pikmin 1+2 to 3/wii versions. and would like the options to use those when the inevitable pikmin 4 launches in 2-3 years
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