Artifact Goes Live on Steam, Releases New Comic and Launch Trailer in Celebration

Even Dota 2 fans who don't care much for card games might enjoy the sprinkling of lore found in Artifact's comic series.

Artifact is officially live on Steam, and Valve is celebrating with a new comic as well as a launch trailer. Both seem enjoyable if you happen to like Dota 2, the game on which Artifact is based. If nothing else, you get an extra little taste of lore.

The comic, titled Call to Arms, follows on from Prelude, which came out a couple days ago. Both are intended to setup Artifact's narrative, which is somewhat darker than the often silly Hearthstone. It fits neatly with Dota 2's brand as the more hardcore of the major MOBAs.

In addition to the comic, Valve also has a new trailer. Titled "Introducing Artifact," it functions more as a hype video than an actual introduction, but it does a good job of making the card game look exciting. You can watch it below.

Artifact is the latest card game from a major developer to try and challenge the supremacy of Hearthstone, joining the likes of Elder Scrolls: Legends and Gwent. Designed by Richard Garfield, one of the original creators of Magic: The Gathering, it targets the same hardcore audience as Dota 2, but this time in the card space.

Mike took a hard look at Artifact during PAX West, digging deep into its gameplay. He concluded that it has potential, but that it will be facing some stiff competition, and that it has to overcome what he terms "interesting infrastructure decisions"—namely the inability to get card packs by means other than payment.

If you're curious, the final version is now live, and it can be had for $19.99. You can find everything else you need to know about Artifact here.

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