Assassin's Creed 4 Walkthrough: How to Complete Sequences 01, 02 and 03

Assassin's Creed 4 Walkthrough: How to Complete Sequences 01, 02 and 03

Welcome to Part One of our complete Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag walkthrough. In this section, we're covering the prologue and sequences 01, 02 and 03.

Have you sharpened your knives? Is your hood correctly positioned for maximum face-obscurage? Then it's time to start walking through Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag!


When the game begins, you'll be treated to a short cut scene, then you'll need to navigate your character to the wheel of the ship. The ship is rocking back and forth, but press on until you reach the wheel. Move forward and up the small set of stairs, then head to the left to find the wheel alone and waiting for your hand.

Take the wheel to begin the next objective, sinking the enemy ships. It's time to be a pirate! There are a total of five enemy ships. You need to steer your ship, while keeping track of the other ships on the radar (at the bottom of the screen), and firing cannons and explosive barrels to take down the enemy ships. You can also control the speed of your ship, and even stop if necessary. To win this battle, you won't need precise aim, but you if the battle carries on too long, your ship will take considerable damage.

To take down the enemy ships, your best bet is to maneuver alongside them, keeping your ship parallel to the ship you're attacking, then aim your cannons low to hit the hull. Each ship has a life bar, and while you can take out ships with a barrage of cannon fire, it won't take more than a single volley if you aim for the hull. This isn't a fair fight, so it's okay to fight dirty and aim below the belt!

If you miss any ships on your first run, you'll need to circle around and go for another shot. Before you turn around, you can rotate the camera to the back of your ship and drop a few explosive barrels if any ships are on your tail. You can also adjust the speed of your ship, and in many cases, going faster is better to help avoid incoming fire from the other ships.

Take down all five ships and you're treated to another cut scene, your reward for almost every successful mission. When the cut scene concludes, you need to swim to shore. Swim straight ahead, toward the green marker. Avoid the various debris along the way to complete the mission.

Sequence 01

Memory 01: Edward Kenway

After another short cut scene, you must find the assassin as he flees deeper into the island. Head straight and to the left. Cross the bridge and head toward the structures.

Climb up the structures on the left and continue forward to reach the wooden post. Climb up the post and jump across, then climb up the next structure and head around the corner. The assassin appears again. Follow him through the area, then run after him as instructed. He won't be able to run for long, but you can't take him out until you catch him!

Once you catch up to the assassin, you finally get to engage in some real combat. This fight is quick and easy. Counter the assassin's first attack, then take him down with an attack of your own. After another short cut scene, head forward into the restricted zone, climb the tree and dive down into the pool below. Continue forward to initiate the next objective: free the merchant.

Dive down into the foliage below and use stealth tactics to make your way to the musketeer. Think of yourself like Solid Snake... only with wrist blades. It's important to take enemies down before you're spotted. Defeat the rest of the soldiers to initiate another cut scene.

Examine the body on the ground to find a map to a treasure chest. Turn around and move straight ahead until you see a cave to the right. Head to the end of the cave and dig to find treasure. Do you feel like a proper pirate yet? As you exit the cave, grab the loot sitting near the rock wall directly ahead.

Swim out to the ship, climb up and take the wheel once more. Navigate around the sand banks to sail out of the bay. This begins one of the brief simulation portions of the game. Follow your lead's instructions until you reach your work desk, then back out of your communicator to get back into the game.

Sequence 02

Memory 01: Lively Havana

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Tackle the pickpocket
  • Use smoke bombs to escape combat

Follow Stede Bonnet. He gives you enough money to purchase a pair of British Cutlasses at the shop. Head to the church and walk around the building until you see the gate. Use the gate to climb up to the roof and look out over to the city. Not only do you get a great view of the city, you also fulfill the current objective.

Dive down into the hay then chase down the pickpocket. Kill him and loot the body, then meet up with Bonnet again. Follow him, then take down the thugs with a bit of sword play. This is a good time to practice countering attacks, as that ability will come in handy when fighting multiple enemies.

When the guards arrive, drop a smoke bomb and head for the nearest blue point on the map. These indicate places you can hide, but you can only successfully hide if the guards don't see you. If you're not fast enough, drop another smoke bomb and try again.

Memory 02: ...And My Sugar?

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Hire dancers to distract guards
  • Stay out of combat

Head back toward the ship to find Bonnet and begin the next mission. Tail the two guards, keeping them in your sight, but not getting too close to get detected. Eavesdrop on their conversation, then tail the Captain. When the Captain moves into the fortified building, hire the dancing girls to distract the guards. If you don't have enough money, steal from a few nearby people until you have enough.

You can climb to the top of the building and attack the Captain from above, or you can walk right past the guards while they're distracted, then take the key from the Captain after a bit of sword play. If you're not stealthy enough, you may have to fight the guards and the Captain.

Make your way to the fort, swim around to the far side and climb up to the room. Take out the guards and enter the door to the fort lockup for another cut scene. Meet up with Bonnet again to complete the mission.

Memory 03: Mister Walpole, I Presume?

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Complete Rogers' shooting challenge
  • Pickpocket all Templars

Head south to the governor's mansion to begin the mission. This is a short mission that's more of a training simulation than anything else, so don't worry too much here. Walk over to the terrace to initiate a cut scene. Shoot the targets then follow the hosts. Perform the various assassinations on the hay dummies, then follow the hosts once more. Keep your hands busy by pickpocketing all three Templars to complete the mission and the optional objective.

Memory 04: A Man They Call The Sage

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Tackle the Safe from above
  • Use the pistol in combat

Head to the docks to begin the mission, then follow the Templars. When the assassins attack, stay close to the governor. While it's great fun to go buck wild and take down every enemy in sight, you do not need to defeat all of the assassins. You only need to ensure the safety of the governor, so when he moves, move with him, even if there are still assassins left to kill. Don't worry, there will be plenty of bad guys to kill later on.

Once you've protected the governor enough, you must catch the Sage. Follow him to the rooftops and tackle him once you're close. Do not kill him or you will fail the mission. Catch the Sage to complete the mission, but do so from the top of a building to complete the optional objective as well. If you chase by way of the rooftops, about halfway through the chase, the Sage will drop down to the ground. That's your best chance to obtain the optional objective.

Memory 05: Claiming What's Due

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Stay out of combat
  • Kill guards from stalking zones (3)

Speak with Bonnet to begin the next mission. It's time to play Metal Gear Solid again! Sneak into the mansion, taking out the guards while stealthily hiding in the brush. Climb up the small building on the left and run along the ropes between the trees until you can drop down into the brush once more. Move to the far edge of the brush and whistle to get the attention of the guard with the key. Steal the key or be a little more friendly and assassinate the guard, then loot him for the key.

Continue to stealthily move toward where the Sage is being held captive. Watch out for the guards and engage them in combat if need be, however this will fail one of the optional objectives. If you want to achieve 100 percent, you'll need to keep that Solid Snake vibe going. Make your way to the cell to initiate another cut scene and complete the mission.

Memory 06: The Treasure Fleet

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Free 23 pirates
  • Kill guards from behind corners (3)

Escape your shackles and take out the guards with stealth. Hide around corners and whistle to get their attention. Find your gear on the table ahead. Interact with the table to continue. Head up to the deck, take out the guards and free the prisoners. Dive into the water and swim over to the adjacent ship to kill more guards and free the prisoners there. Head to the mast of the ship and jump over to the next ship directly ahead to do the same, then swim over to the next adjacent ship. Take out the guards and interact with the latch near the end of the ship to engage the guards and free the prisoners below.

Climb up the ladder to the deck, then use the rope to swing over to the next ship. Kill the Captain then interact with his dead body to steal the ship.

Several other ships will attempt to stop you from escaping. You do not need to fight them. In fact, you're so outnumbered it's far easier to avoid the fight. Get up to full speed and head for the location marker as quickly as possible. If the other ships are in close pursuit, drop a few explosive barrels behind you and continue toward the objective.

Avoid getting anywhere near the water spouts (tornados), and steer straight into the massive waves to avoid taking damage. You can take one impact from each if your ship is at full health.

Sequence 03: Nassau

Memory 01: This Tyro Captain

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Shoot an iguana
  • Air assassinate an ocelot

Sail to Abaco Island. When you get close, get off the ship and swim to land. Kill and skin two iguanas and two ocelots, then craft the resulting items into a pistol holster II and a health upgrade I. Ocelots are found all over the island, while iguanas are mainly found along the northwest portion. Use your gun to kill the animals to make it easier and obtain one of the optional objectives. If you slowly move toward a group of ocelots, you can climb a tree to get the aerial kill for the second optional objective.

Once you've crafted the two items, meet up with Adéwalé back on the ship. You can use one of the two row boats to return quickly. Speak to Adéwalé to complete the mission.

Memory 02: Now Hiring

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Disarm and kill guards (3)
  • Shoot the rope to save the pirate

Travel to Nassau and speak to Adéwalé to begin the next mission. You need to recruit crew members, which means freeing pirates from captivity. The small numbers of guards scattered around Nassau, watching over the captives are fairly easy to contend with. When you reach the larger facility on the northeast side of the city, head around to the north side of the building, then climb up and take out the guard. You can also obtain a fragment and synchronize from this section of the building.

When you reach the middle of town and have to free the captain, you have a very limited time to do so. Run at the hanging plank as quickly as possible and take down the guards, then free the captain before he hangs for too long.

Once you have at least 18 recruits, head back to the tavern to complete the mission.

Memory 03: Prizes and Plunder

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Use a swivel to kill sailors (3)
  • Plunder 20 rum

Head back toward the ship and meet up with Edward's friends on the beach to begin the next mission. Use the spyglass to find a schooner, then once you're within 300 meters, fire the hook from the front of the ship a couple of times to incapacitate it. Do not sink the ship.

Once the schooner is flaming and incapacitated, sail close to it and begin the boarding process. Use the swivel gun to dwindle the numbers of the surviving crew and earn the optional objective, then swing over to properly board the ship. Kill a few more of the crew to complete the looting process then fix your ship.

You'll need to take down at least two schooners, but make sure you fix the Jackdaw after every encounter. When you zoom in with the eyeglass to determine the type of ship you're looking at, you'll also see the cargo. Select a ship that's holding rum to complete the other optional objective.

Sail to Salt Key, dock the ship and buy an Intermediate hull from the shop at the dock for 1000R. This completes the mission.

Memory 04: Raise the Black Flag

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Plunder a hunter ship
  • Plunder 30 sugar

Your next objective is to take down one of the level 17 brigs. When you do so, come up behind them at a slow speed and use your frontal hook guns to inflict moderate damage until the brig begins to turn. When then happens, speed up one notch and turn to the side to get your main guns into position. Once in position, slow down again and fire at will. Always use the frontal guns as much as possible because few brigs have read guns to fire back at you.

Once the ship is damaged enough, move alongside to board. Take down as many enemies as possible with the swivel gun before you jump over to the brig. If you can take out enough of the crew with the swivel, you don't have to personally board the brig. However, if you do need to board, try to avoid engaging the larger crew wielding axes. They put up a much harder fight than the normal crew members. You only need to take down a few normal crew members before the rest surrender, so taking on the axe-wielders is not necessary.

You'll need to take out at least two brigs to get enough metal. If you take out one or two brigs, a hunter ship appears. If you take it down, you complete one of the optional objectives. Hunter ships are generally easier to defeat than brigs, so it shouldn't be a great deal of trouble.

When you're done plundering dock at Salt Key again. Talk to the local officer on the beach to offer him a bribe of 200R to reset your wanted level. Head back to the ship and into the captain's cabin. Walk over to the model of the ship and get the free broadside cannon upgrade. Exit the cabin to complete the mission.

Memory 05: Sugarcane And Its Yields

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Sabotage alarm bells (2)
  • Stay out of combat

Head to Andreas Island and speak to James Kidd on the beach to begin the next mission. Follow Kidd, then locate and tail Beckford's agent until he reaches his ship. Mingle with the crowds (three or more people in a group) and duck into the bushes to avoid his detection. When he reaches his ship, you must make it to the wheel of the adjacent Jackdaw within 30 seconds. Run the whole way and use the wooden poles sticking up from the ground to shorten your path.

Once you're at the wheel, follow the agent's ship until you reach Cat Island. When you enter restricted waters, watch the yellow cones protruding from the ships. The cones indicate the detection range of the ship. If you're spotted you'll have to enter combat, which will not only fail an optional objective, but could cause you to lose the ship you're tailing and start the mission over from the last checkpoint.

When you reach Cat Island, dock the ship then run toward the agent. Take out two guards that will be in your way as you run, but don't stop to loot them. Duck into the brush and eavesdrop on the agent's conversation. When the two start to move, move along with them, staying hidden in the brush. You must stay close by to ensure you hear enough of the conversation. You can sabotage the first bell along the way to complete half of the optional objective.

Once the agent reaches the warehouse shed and requests the key, take out the guard in front of the shed, the use Eagle Vision and look to the left to find the guard holding the key (the key holder). Stay in the brush near the key holder and whistle to get his attention. Assassinate him, and loot the body to find the key. Disable the second alarm bell on the left of the shed door (north side of the shed), to complete the optional objective. Interact with the door to the shed to complete the mission.

Memory 06: Proper Defenses

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Use one broadside to sink 2 boats
  • Use heavy shot to sink ships (2)

Go back to the ship and follow the marker to Salt Lagoon to speak to your crew and begin the next mission. Return to the ship once more and locate the El Arca Del Maestro in restricted waters. You must weave in and out of enemy ship detection, while staying close to the El Arca Del Maestro so you don't lose it. Alternate your speed, using travel speed when you're in the clear, and slowing considerably to make sharp turns to avoid detection near enemy ships.

Once you've cleared the restricted area, you stay close to the El Arca Del Maestro, but move slowly to avoid the yellow circles in the water that indicate mortar shots. When the eight Spanish ships attack, don't worry about losing the El Arca, and instead focus on sinking all eight ships. They're considerably weaker than the Jackdaw and will go down easily with a few well-placed shots. Aim low on the hull to take them down even faster. Use broadside and heavy shots to sink the ships and complete the optional objectives. When all eight ships are down, the mission is complete.

Memory 07: A Single Madman

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

  • Stay out of combat
  • Air assassinate Du Casse

It's finally time take your pirating skills one step further and take the galleon as your own. Sail to the newly marked point of interest to begin your next mission and enjoy an uplifting cut scene once you arrive. Jump off the ship on your way toward the next location marker, the jungle's exit.

Run straight ahead and up the stairs as you enter another restricted area. It's time for more high-flying acrobatics courtesy of your friendly neighborhood assassin! Run up the ramp created by the white rocks to reach the rope ladder above. Climb the ladder to the platform, then head to the left and use the wooden poles protruding from the wall to reach the next platform.

Climb up the wooden ladder ahead, then run up the wall and climb the next ladder to find a fragment. Turn around to see more wooden poles protruding from the wall, perfectly aligned to allow for more acrobatics! Run toward the poles and continue forward to reach the ladder-like ramp ahead. The ladder breaks as you begin to climb, but fear not, this assassin won't die so easily!

Continue to climb up the ladder, then use more acrobatics to traverse the next wooden pole and maneuver to the ladder ahead. Climb the next set of ladders all the way up to the platform above. Congratulations, you can now move on from circus performer back to being an assassin.

Run toward the marker and don't worry too much about the enemy on your radar here. He's around the corner, so you have some time before you need to deal with him. As you round the corner, you'll see some heavy brush just ahead. Dive into the brush and use your patented whistling trick to get the guard's attention. You'll want to avoid combat to complete the secondary objective, so stay hidden until you can assassinate him properly. Don't forget to loot the body!

Continue along the path until you reach the next corner. Dive into the brush and keep a close eye on the guard across the way. When he's not looking, move around to the path on the right. You're blocked from the guard's vision here, so you don't need to worry about cover.

Head around the next corner, but it's time to move cautiously again, as a patrolling guard waits ahead. Stop by the large tree and wait for the guard to move to the far right. As soon as he does, run down the tree branch ahead, then along the wall to the right. This should put you just behind the guard and in the perfect position to assassinate him from above.

Take down the guard, then move into the brush just ahead. The guard is not paying attention to anything behind him, so you can move slowly across the way to the brush just behind him. Whistle to get his attention, then take him out in brilliant stealth fashion. As always, don't forget to loot the body!

As you round the next corner, be very cautious once again. There's another patrolling guard, but no brush for you to hide in. Wait until the guard moves to the far end of his patrol, then head over to the large tree between you and the guard. Wait by the tree for the guard to get close, then whistle to get his attention. Take him down when he investigates the noise.

With the last guard removed from the scene, run forward and under the large fallen tree. Jump across to the broken ladder and use the large branch on the right to reach your location. Unfortunately, you're not quite done yet!

Continue along the path, jumping over to the broken rope ladder. There's another fragment piece up ahead, but you can only reach it if you go back to being a circus acrobat and take the high road here. Jump along the trees and branches to reach to ledge with the fragment, or take the path below. Either way will take you where you need to be, and there are no enemies to get in the way here.

Once you reach the exit to the jungle (visualized by a rocky enclosure that serves as an opening), you'll see several guards ahead. The closest guard is clearly drunk, so let's use this to our advantage! Wait until the other guards are not looking in your direction and run just far enough to hide in the brush to the left.

At this point you have two options, you can move through the brush, ignoring the guards, and complete the optional objective of no combat, or you can whistle to get the guards attention. Unfortunately, doing so will cause both guards to investigate, which means you can't assassinate one without alerting the others.

If you choose to engage the guards, there are three in the immediate area, plus one more up ahead, then a lookout just beyond that. It's recommended to stay in the brush until you reach the fourth guard (just before the lookout), then use the tree branch to elevate yourself above the guard and out of his range of vision. Drop down into the brush below to avoid being spotted by the lookout above.

Wait until the lookout is on the other side of the tree, then move over to the brush on the left next to the hut. There are three guards in the immediate area. The lookout and two others patrolling on the ground. Wait just behind the hut until all three guards are out of sight, then move into the heavy brush ahead.

You don't need to take out any of the guards here. There's no way to do so without alerting the other three guards just ahead. Instead, continue moving forward, using the heavy brush along the left side as cover. There's another guard to your right, but he never turns around, so don't worry about him.

Continue down the path until you reach the town to initiate your next objective, locate Julien du Casse. A new optional objective is added, which is to use an air assassination to take down Du Casse.

Wait until the guards are away, then head for the brush to the left of the house just ahead. Climb up the side of the house and quickly move along the house tops until your jump down here a tree, into more heavy brush. If you run along the house tops you'll automatically end up near the just, just make sure you hide in the brush as quickly as possible. You'll get a few mild alerts along the way, but nothing that will cause the guards to start looking for you or engage in combat.

There are two guards having a conversation to the right, but you don't need to worry about them. Look around for the guard patrolling the beach to the left, the guard that walks right by your current hiding spot, and the guard to walks up to the beach, then back into town.

When all three guards are at a safe distance, head for the water just ahead. Run for the left side of the pier, then stealth swim straight ahead and to the right until you reach the corner of the dock. Make sure there are no guards around before you disengage the stealth swim, then climb up the pier and make a beeline for the boat ahead.

Use the mast of the boat to reach the larger ship where Du Casse awaits. Quickly climb up the rope along the side and up to the first cross bar of the mast. From here you've got a great view of the ship below, but none of the crew will be able to spot you. Use Eagle Vision to examine the crew and locate Du Casse. Once he's close enough, take him out with an air assassination to complete the mission and the optional objective!

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