Assassin's Creed III's Connor Has "Played His Part"

According to Ubisoft, Connor's story is complete and players won't be seeing him again.

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Many fans of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series did not take a shine to Connor. After the charismatic Ezio Auditore, Connor was a change: he was more stoic and duty-driven than his predecessor. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's Edward Kenway goes back to the charismatic side of the tracks, but fans of Connor hoped to see more from him. In fact, some hoped that Connor and Assassin's Creed III: Liberation heroine Aveline would end up in the French Revolution.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag writer Darby McDevitt completely killed that idea. A fan asked him how likely it was that Connor's story would be continued in another game.

"Not very. We want Tumblr to pick up where we left off," was McDevitt's reply.

Of course, this terse reply wasn't what Connor fans wanted to hear, so McDevitt came back to clarify his answer.

"Firstly, though my answer was terse, I am not being snide when I say I am eager to see how fans continue our characters' stories in other outlets and mediums," he began. "Tumblr and Livejournal and dozens of other sites provide perfect outlets for AC fans to continue the stories of their favorite characters. I absolutely love this process. This should happen as often as possible. Take what we begin and make it your own."

According to McDevitt, Connor's story was planed way in advance, which makes sense with Ubisoft shifting the game from studio to studio in order to hit the annual release.

"That being said, it would be wrong to imagine that anyone is 'brushing Connor off.' We planned the Edward, Haytham, Connor saga more than 2 years ago, long before any of you had heard Connor's name or learned his backstory," wrote McDevitt. "We had no idea how he (or Haytham) would be received, but we had our own long story to tell, and we embraced it. And it was our hope that this saga would represent the story of a family; a migration, a mixing of cultures, and a dashing of ideals. Connor played his part, Haytham played his, and now Edward has had his say, too."

"The fact that Connor's story feels incomplete to you is unfortunate (and likely made worse by the cut dialog people found), but this only means there is more room for your imaginations to take over. Don't rely on us to deliver new content, make your own stories," he added. "Finally, there is always room for interesting things to happen in the AC universe. We are open to many ideas. But it's also important to realize that we make critical decisions years before they come to fruition, which means we cannot usually respond immediately to fan reactions."

Development on the recently released Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag began two and a half years ago, so that puts any new Connor tale out at 2016 at the earliest. By then, we may have found another assassin to fill the Connor-shaped hole in our hearts. It's a shame more of the Native-American assassin isn't on the horizon, but as long as the series keeps playing around with time periods, we should see more minority protagonists soon.

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  • Avatar for Zero-Crescent #1 Zero-Crescent 4 years ago
    That's too bad. After his experiences in ACIII, where his optimism was a major source of conflict for him, it would have been interesting to see Connor come back in a mentor role during the French Revolution (Marquis de Lafayette offered him a place to stay in France in one of the conversations), guiding new assassins with his Revolutionary War experiences; having turned his naive optimism into cautious optimism.
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #2 Ohoni 4 years ago
    None too soon. If they could figure out a way to remove him from ACIII that would be even better. ;)
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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #3 Captain-Gonru 4 years ago
    @Ohoni While I agree that he wasn't a fantastic follow-up to Ezio, Altair didn't win me over at first, either. But his slightly revised personality in Revelations did a lot to win me over. I wouldn't mind being won over by Connor in a later title, either.
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  • Avatar for Ohoni #4 Ohoni 4 years ago
    Eh, maybe, but why bother? Why not just start with a character that isn't a toolbag right out of the box?
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  • Avatar for #5 4 years ago
    Conner was a huge step backwards.
    Altair was a zero personality, boring avatar, then Ezio came along with some personality that even the developers liked so much they stretched him into a trilogy.
    So for 3....they go back to zero personality? Who made that decision? Fire them.
    3 was a mess on every level. Character, graphics, missions, AI, collision detection....I guess it's not surprising if they messed up the writing and personalities too.

    3 will always be the dark disgrace of the series, which is quite the accomplishment coming off the not very good Revelations.
    I think Ubi knew they were trouble with two bad games in a row, so they got smart and put the Far Cry 3 guys on 4 and the next one with Jade Raymond's team (which I have high hopes for being incredible, given her track record and it'll be a full on next-gen).
    The Far Cry 3 connection was the only thing that brought me back to AC this go around.
    But Conner was simply lazy. Let's hope he stays gone.
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  • Avatar for Gamedeity69 #6 Gamedeity69 2 years ago
    guys his ending was quite sad. his personality was quite bad but his intentions were good and he doesnt deserve to be killed off like this
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