Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Best Weapons

Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Best Weapons

We show you where to find the best weapons and equipment to fight with in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

To have the best chance of surviving in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you'll need the most powerful weapons and equipment to power through all the monsters, bandits and cult creeps that Greece has to offer. We'll show you all the best weapons in Odyssey and where you can find them.

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Best Weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The best weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey are nearly always legendary weapons, as their boosted stats and special additional abilities can often do a huge amount to improve your prowess in combat. And while all legendary weapons are good, we've listed five that we'd recommend to most players below. Of course, if you want a good set of legendary armor to pair them with, we've got the details here.

Legendary weapons can make you a true force to be reckoned with. | Ubisoft

Dagger of Kronus

The Dagger of Kronus can be found by completing the mandatory story mission Ashes to Ashes, which has a recommended level of 19. It does an extra 15% warrior and dagger damage, making it good for both stealth and combat builds, but also does an extra 40% damage when hitting enemies from behind, doing huge damage in stealth attacks or just well-positioned strikes.

Poseidon's Trident

Technically a spear, this weapon does an extra 15% warrior damage and 25% crit damage, but also has another amazing ability - you can use it to breath underwater. While the weapon is equipped, the user has no limit to how long they can spend underwater, never running out of breath. So while it's a good combat weapon on land, there's no better item for fighting sharks or other oceanic threats. You can find the Trident at any point in the game by sailing to a tiny, unnamed island North of Samos and South of Chios, identifiable by the huge statue of Poseidon looming over it. However, there will be several level 40 lions on it, so sneak past them to the gold chest and loot it for the Trident.

The Trident is devastating on land or sea. | Joel Franey/USG, Ubisoft

If you're cutting through Assassin's Creed Odyssey, we've got everything you'd ever need at our Walkthrough here. Whether it's combat, stealth or finding the best items, we can provide.

Arachne's Stinger

This weapon can be found on any mercenary enemy whose name ends with "the Weaver." A perfect stealth weapon, the Weaver does an extra 15% Assassin damage and 20% more poison damage. Sounds pretty contextual, until you realise that the Stinger always does poison damage, even with no abilities added. It's excellent for hampering enemies or getting powerful backstabs. Adding to the poison abilities in your skill tree can do a huge amount to increase the potential of the Stinger.

Eros' Bow

Eros' Bow is perfect for a high-level hunter build, as it does an extra 15% hunter damage, 15% more adrenaline per hit on enemies, and most importantly it has a 50% chance not to use up special arrows when fired. The advantages should be obvious; that all the explosive or death arrows that vastly increase a hunter's power can last a lot longer in a dangerous situation. Eros' Bow can be found in Messenia, more specifically in the North-West of the Mines of the Great Trench. You'll need to find Andania Mine, head into the caves, and find a chest on the left. Eros' Bow is inside there.

Mallet of Everlasting Flame

For those who want to do some real damage, the Mallet of Everlasting Flame is a huge mace that does an extra 15% warrior damage, an extra 20% fire damage, and like the Stinger, converts all its damage into fire damage. You can get it too by defeating any mercenary whose name is followed by "the Smoldering." Its wide strikes and lasting damage make it great against groups of enemies in particular.

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