Assassin's Creed Odyssey Expands on Its RPG Roots With Story Creator Mode

Now you can make your own stories for Kassandra and Alexios.

Part of the genesis of role-playing games is the ability for players to create their own stories. Pen-and-paper RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons were a framework for storytelling and crafting interesting adventures. The pinnacle of digital RPGs is being able to do the same, with games from Neverwinter Nights to Divinity: Original Sin 2 putting the power in players' hands.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey represented Ubisoft's action-adventure franchise turning more towards the RPG genre, and today is another step in that process. Today, Ubisoft revealed a brand-new Story Creator Mode for Odyssey. It's full-featured tool, allowing you to essentially make the same quests that Ubisoft's designers have already added to Odyssey's adventure.

Unlike the upcoming Mario Maker 2, creating your own stories isn't something you can do within Assassin's Creed Odyssey itself. You need to have an Ubisoft account connected to your game, and then sign into the new Story Creator web tool with the same account. It's separate from the game itself because it's an amazingly robust tool; it almost feels like Ubisoft is giving players access to the same tools they use to make quests internally.

Community-created stories live within the existing framework of Odyssey; you'll find them within new Community section of the Quest Log. If you want to drill down a bit, you can also search through filters on the web tool for specific types of community stories. These searched stories can then be added to your story log, which has a maximum of 20 slots. If you don't have any chosen stories, the tool will recommend a few.

Once in the tool, you can spin up a new quest or story pretty quickly. (A quest is a single objective, while a story can be comprised of multiple quests.) And everything is at your disposal. You can utilize six different kinds of objectives, like reaching a certain location or killing a target. There's a host of existing Odyssey characters and automatically-generated characters-there's a system to spin up characters based on certain archetypes-you have access to as quest givers, enemies, or other interactable characters. You can choose spawn points for quest givers and targets from a series of points available on an overworld map.

The dialog system is probably the most impressive part, allowing you to create varying conversation branches. This includes character emotions and actions, and the dialog can varying depending on whether your Mithios is male or female. (There is a gender neutral option available, too.) From a presentation standpoint, the biggest missing facet is the ability to add audio to your dialog options, as all of Odyssey's built-in quests are all fully-voiced. The community stories do feel like a step down without any audio options, but I understand why it's probably impossible for Ubisoft to implement.

You can look at your own Stories in-game by jumping into Odyssey's Main Menu and selecting 'My Story Mode'. There you can see any drafts and published stories you've made. You have the chance to try out your stories, and then head back to the web tool to iterate on them. And every story is cross-platform, so they're playable on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Story Creator Mode should be available for all players right now, as long as you've updated to the latest version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

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